Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring into Spring

First and foremost Larry Birkhead is infact Anna Nicole's Baby's Daddy I can now sleep again. Anyways I (Stacey) have a little bit of time (not really) I wanted to do something fun for a minute.
Well we completed another season! Man how time flies. These past few weeks have been utterly crazy around the office . I can't remember what it sound like without the phone ringing. We are only 3 days away ( don't panic indoor this Sunday outdoor next Sunday!) from launching the CSSC's biggest season yet! We will have 800 teams playing in 11 sports (12 if you count theatre sports!)

We had an awesome Season Ending Party at Bugaboo Creek! That was already over a week ago (see how time fllies) I just got the photo's from Matt our photographer! As always they turned out awesome. I will have them posted to the web early next week. We are going to try something new where if you would like a copy of your team photo Matt will have them for sale. He takes an amazing picture!

Andrew and Matt ended up being MC's for the evening they rocked the house. There were lots of fun games like "blow up the fish", Drunken Limbo, and Trivia! All the favourites from my birthday parties as a kid. Take a look at some of the photo's below.

It was an awesome time!

Every so often at the CSSC we get some great "projects" teams have put together because they love their teams so much! If you ever have played Dodgeball this will make you bust a move, and a gut. This is the reason I love the internet so much! Fantastic job to Grab Life by the Balls! very funny.

Lastly the plans are almost 100% in place for the June 2nd Clash of the Titans Dodgeball Tournament in Red Deer. A 1 day extravaganza for the title of ultimate Dodgeball City Calgary or Edmonton.................This is going to take a lot for me to admit but I think Calgary is going to take it! (I was born and raised it Edmonton so that hurt a bit.) Stay tuned to the web for details! There is only enough space for 16 teams.

I should get back to the grind..............


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Springing into Spring...

Last night was our Winter season ending party. And it was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself (Kerri)

The theme for the night was Spring into Spring - Luau Style. There were lots of fun decorations and some really great costumes. Some teams, like Bend it Like Beckham, went all out. I am guessing that this is one of the reasons that they took home the Lady Bing shirts. Awesome job guys!

The highlight of the night for me was watching the limbo contest. Participants made their way under a floral hockey stick while trying to not spill their glass of beer. Needless to say a lot of players didn't make it, but those that were victorious were fun to watch. I was just talking to Andrew, and his fav game was the beer-drinking hoola hoop contest. Ryan F. kicked butt on this one. Later we tested for steroids, but found out it was years of training that allowed him to take home the gold.

I wish I had some pictures to post, but we had a professional photographer there last night, so we don't have any pictures yet. Sorry!!

Moving on, one of our GCs, Jana, stopped by the office this afternoon to return some equipment. Some how we got onto the topic of farm animals and eventually poultry. I brought up the topic of the chicken that had it's head chopped off and continued to live for a year and a bit. Nicole and Jana didn't believe me. So I hopped onto the internet and used trusty ol' Google. I could get into more detail, but it gets kinda gross... if you feel like you're up to it, check out the website:

Thats all from me today

Peace out!


Monday, April 2, 2007

Miami Vice?

(Stacey will have an update from the weekends Volleyball Tournament tomorrow)

Well I (andrew) was going to post an end of the season re-cap but I have decided to hold off until the Season Ending Party is over.

The season ending party is on Wednesday at 7:00pm at Bugaboo Creek. Click here for more information. Matt (GC) and I will be hosting the event. We have some great stuff planned. We even met up tonight to work on the program. Towards the end we thought, "Hey, what are we going to wear?". We debated this for like 20 minutes. We then realized we had been talking about what to wear for 20 minutes.

One idea that stood out was dressing up like Don Johnson and the other guy from Miami Vice. Not the new version with guns and no plot line but rather the version with the alligator and awesome hair. We thought it would be a good choice but realized that neither of us has suits from the 80's. We decided to go in another direction which might tick off Stacey. What is it you ask, well you need to be there to see.

I was surfing youtube today and found this amazing video. Alanis Morisette hasn't released new music in many years. But, she has been around the media by dating Van Wilder. Well she is going to shoot herself back into the spotlight with this parody video. It pokes fun at the Black Eyed Peas and especially Fergie. Click here to watch. It might not be new music but it's pretty funny or powerful stuff.