Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All about the Jacksons

Well this is the first blog in a long time, but the blog is back and we have regular updates scheduled. My name is Heather and I am working at the club for the summer!

The spring season is rolling along and we've had our hands full with some unique player concerns that don't deal with players:

- Parents walking their children across a field of slo-pitch players.
- A soccer player kicking a ball out of a field and the ball hitting the windshield of a car and breaking it.
- Players settling a tie game through a dance battle.

In the office, Andrew and Stacey are really excited about the upcoming Michael Jackson Auction. You can be the owner of Michael Jackson awards, pictures, family items, and even his old id card. Andrew has his eyes set on an award he recieved. Not really sure which, just the cheapest one.

Also, Andrew and I stumbled upon this article. Some people are claiming that they have evidence of a real life alien. I wasn't impressed but Andrew was freaking out.

Well, enjoy the warm weather!

Heather :)

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