Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Police

Well, I (Stacey) had mentioned in yesterdays blog that I was so pumped because I was going to the Van Morrision Concert. I was right on 1 thing for sure.......... I was clearly the youngest person in my section at the tender age of 28! I was having a hard time deciding on going to this show, being that tickets were over $130.00 each. Unexpectedly I was disappointed when the lights came on at the Dome. The weirdest thing was how quiet the actual performance was, I wasn't expecting Mega Death volume but when I can whisper and the person next to me could hear everything I said that was odd. Van just recently came out with a new CD of all his hits that were on movie soundtracks! I thought we would be treated to those favorites of mine, no!!!!! The show only lasted a total of 75 minutes, at the very least give me value for my dollar.
The reporter from the Calgary Herald wrote: "thankfully, the 61-year-old Irishman put on a show that would only disappoint those fans who had never listened beyond the singer's radio hits." The thing I most disappointed with is, the person that went with me (Dan, my "man friend") HATES Van Morrison. I was hoping he would really enjoy the show and share my appreciation (aka- let me play the CD's anytime) he now dislikes him more.

Speaking of expensive concert tickets.......Andrew and I (Stacey) were talking about going to The Police concert. This morning Best Buy had sent Andrew a presell link for the tickets. Long story short Andrew got 17th row center on the floor for the show. The tickets came to the low low price of $482.00 (for 2) . I remember the good ol' days when that price would get you some sweet front row floor seats from a scalper. I wonder what kind of price we will see in 20 years. Only time will tell.

Still on the subject of Police (not the Sting kind!) Andrew came across this news story on the net today at lunch............"BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A middle school principal was charged with dealing crystal methamphetamine after police found the drug in his school office.
John Acerra, 50, of Allentown, was arrested Tuesday in his office at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem, where police said they found meth on his desk.
Police said they began investigating Acerra in early February after an informant told them that the principal was using and distributing the drug, The Morning Call newspaper reported Wednesday. Acerra was arrested in his office after allegedly selling drugs to the informant, authorities said.
There was no indication that Acerra sold the drug to students, but Acerra did allegedly sell the drug from his school office after hours and on weekends, said Dennis Mihalopoulos, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.".........
Remember the simpler times when only the kid dealing drugs at school was that 30 year old dude still in grade 12, with 4 kids! It's sad when his competition is the principal.

I've got to get back to the grind!

Stacey Out

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Survived............barely......

Forget the Oscar's......and the WINNER IS, Matt from the Original Shockers, he was able to channel Zoolander the best!

Well Kerri and I (Stacey) barely survived "Hell Week" but all is well Andrew is back and Nicole is learning the ropes. Things are finally getting back to normal.......What ever normal is around the CSSC!

Here is our run down on the busy weekend: Friday we were the 1/2 time entertainment at the Calgary Roughnecks game. Special Thanks to: The Elves, The Thirsty Beavers, Elves 2.0, and team World Health Club. This night wouldn't have been possible without all the GC's, Referee's and Special Events Staff so Thank You! It was a very cool evening, we had 2 Dodge Ball games going on simultaneously on the field during the 1/2 time show. The crowd (which exceeded 13, 500 People) got really into it cheering and hooting. It was a definite rush! I hope it is something the CSSC will be able to do again.

And now we dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge our way to Saturday. This past Saturday was the last Dodge ball tournament in Calgary until the Fall! A great time was had by all. Some teams tried to whip out some stealth ninja maneuvers! Our GC's were on the case to "crack down" on repeat offenders. Good job to Scott, Gary, Jana, Kristen, Murray, Kerri and Jeff......Special Thanks to them for all their hard work.

We rocked it out old school style at The Cat n' Fiddle, it was a great party ton's of players showed up. A few pint of Sleeman were drank and we gave away great prizes. Congratulations to: The Elves, Uniballer, and Ballstein who took the gold (in the form of t-shirts....brown t-shirts) We tried out some new MC's at this Tourney and they did a great job....thumbs up for Gavin and Emma Claire. We tried out some new (very funny) games at this after party photos should be posted by Friday be sure to check them out.

I know it has been mentioned in our blog many times that we all have very different music tastes around the office. Today has been Van Morrison power hour(s). I (Stacey) love Van Morrision! I was under the impression that he was dead (a common notion) my surprise he is in Calgary Tonight. For the low low price of $135.00 (plus fees) I'm going and I am so excited. I am also suspecting that I will be the youngest person in the crowd (by a bit)! All and all I think it will be a great show........I'll let you know.

My Question what would you shell out for a good concert?

Stacey and Kerri out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Back from Vacation

Well I (Andrew) have arrived back home from vacation. My trip to the Big Apple was pretty fun. I checked out a couple of shows, did some shopping and even scored from court side seats to a New Jersey Nets game from an old friend working for the team. It is my favorite place in the whole world and when I arrived back home I was welcomed with a desk full of messages and emails. I even recieved an email from a GC who will remain anonymous regarding her(or his) dream of arriving to a gym only to find it occupied with fish tanks.

Yesterday I checked out a couple games at the HCA. The first game featured the Hockey Hooligans and Monks on the Mount. Both teams played a great game and everyone showed great sportsmanship. The Hockey Hooligans hung in the game but the Monks on the Mount pulled away towards the end of the game. The goalie for the Hockey Hooligans showed true hockey spirit and was really involved in the game.

The second game featured The Unit vs Floorplay. Floorplay deserves an award for the amount of players on their team with awesome beards. These guys take beards to a whole new level. The Unit was showing off their Camo jerseys. I almost wanted to make the "Hey, where is your shirt joke" but realized this joke was lame.

It was a really tight game but the Unit took this one down. Sean "Balla" Herman scored a pretty sweet goal towards the middle of the game. Sean is also a GC and we've nicknamed him "balla" because of his outfit when he plays basketball.

Later on in the evening I checked out some games at the NSD. When I arrived I recognized a girl from the earlier games. It amazes me to know that Sunday Floor Hockey players often play on more than one team.

The NSD league is really fun as the rink is awesome. It is a top notch facility that has a bar on the second level. The other rink we play on at the NSD is the Turf Soccer rink. Everyone on the turf is loving it. We've even decided to offer NSD Hockey during the week.

Spring Registration is up and running. Check out our offerings for this Spring. Some leagues are filling up quickly. I was also surprised to have so many emails regarding out Improv Classes. The Improv Classes is a pet project of mine and I thought it would be something our members would be into. I've been acting at the Loose Moose since I was 16 and it's helped me as much as my degree. We were unable to get the registration up in time and I left it until I returned from vacation. I didn't think to many players would register for the classes that early. Well to my surprise we received 8 emails and 6 phone calls regarding the classes last week.

The information for the classes will be posted this week. I hope we can accommodate everyone interested. For those who don't know we are offering improv classes this spring. It is for adults who want to try something new. Participants will be introduced to improv in a fun environment. At the end of 9 weeks we will have a show for family, friends and club members.

A funny article I came across today was titled "Bend it like Jesus". It is actually an article about the Clericus Cup a tournament with teams made up of Priests. It is good to see everyone getting involved in sport.

The Oscars were yesterday and there was a huge upset. I have been fuming about this all day and I think many of you agree. Rocky Balboa walked away with 0 Oscars. This movie was the best film of the year and a comeback for Stallone. I think film lovers are sad that this movie was not recognized:)

The pics in this blog are from this weekends festivities from the Roughnecks Lacrosse Game and our Dodgeball Tournament. Kerri and Stacey will have a complete lowdown from this weekends fun in tomorrow's blog.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dodge, Duck, Dip Dive and... Dodge?

GOOD MORNING! And happy Thursday to all CSSC players! Today is a good day in the CSSC office. We made it through the frist day of registrations and everyone survived to talk about it. But maybe I shouldn't be too quick to speak about that as I am currently the only one in the office....

So has any one ever wondered if there is indeed a 5th "D"? (Dodge, duck, dip, dive and...) Or do we always have to repeat dodge? I think someone should get their thesaurus out and find us a REAL 5th "d". The best submission in the "Comments" secion of the blog today will win 3 tickets to this Friday's Roughneck's game featuring World Health Club and the CSSC during half time! Check out their website!

Last night I (Kerri) had an awesome time GCing dodgeball at Westgate school. I must apologize to the 6:30 teams, however, as I was a tad late. But the teams were really cool about it, and we had to wait a little anyways, as some other players were stuck in traffic. The first game featured No Name, No Game, No Shame vs. Hit and Run from the Really Rec division. Although wins and losses don't count in Really Rec, Hit and Run took the most games, but both teams walked away with full spirit points. Good job teams!

The second game of the night pitted The Elves 2.0 against Freshly Squeezed. Things didn't go too well for Freshly Squeezed, and we ended up playing for fun after they got mercied. Better luck next time guys!

The third game was the funnest of the night. It featured Money Shot against Heads Up. Each team showed up with a boat load of players, and everyone was very vocal. Added to that, these teams were so evenly matched that I had to call most games on the 5 minute rule. However I did also experience the quickest game in dodgeball history. I literally went to take a drink off the stage, and when I turned around, the game was over. These teams were a tonne of fun, and showed what CSSC Spirit is all about. Christian and Yun from Money Shot showed up in short shorts and knee high socks. Christian topped it off with a flashy white headband. This brought on a unique version of "Who wears Short-shorts?" by Heads Up. Judy from Money shot was catchin balls like there was no tomorrow, no matter who threw them; and the guys from Heads Up were throwing pretty hard! Good job Judy! And finally, I have to give the award of Best Dodger to Matt from Heads Up. I have never seen someone move and bend like that. It was like watching the Matrix. Thanks for making the game interesting teams! Keep up the good work. Oh, and Heads Up did eventually take home the win....

And last but not least, we finished the night with the Juice Boxes and the 5th D. It was like polar opposites with the previous game. Each team only had 6 players. But it was a different kind of fun. The 5th D took the win decisively. Then both teams played for fun.

On a side note, Nicole and I are the country music buffs in the office. We get made fun of for it constantly, however, I will still say that I am super bummed out that I was not able to get tickets to tonights Rascal Flatts concert. Should be a good one for all those lucky people out there who get to go!

~Ker-bear- OUT!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A day in the life of Kerri

I (Kerri) am going to start out with an email sent to Andrew by one of our GC's about a dream she had about the CSSC:

"Hi Andrew,

I know you're away, but I wanted to share my funny dream. I guess I had a little anxiety about covering a shift for basketball...when I showed up at the school, there was a huge open aquarium and petting zoo in the middle of the gym. I was trying to set up widthwise just before I woke up." I only have one thing to say: "STOP STRESSING OUR GCs!" We're watching you...

In other news, Stacey was running around the office today trying to organize 3, count them, 3 special events in one week. It was kind of funny to watch from my little desk in the corner. Scheduled for this week is the 1/2 time information session for participants in this Friday's Roughneck's show, the 1/2 time show itsself, and last but not least a dodgeball tournament. But ever the optomist, Stacey always has a smile on her face...

This is going to be a busy week for me. Not only do I have my regular tasks to do, but I am also covering for Andrew who's livin it up in NYC (Stacey says "yo baby, represent!") but I have also been covering for Courtney who moved to Australia. I am also covering the shift for the GC's who have also decided to take this week off. If anyone else needs anything, email me and I will see what else I can squeeze in this week.

Some of these tasks will be relieved when Nicole, our new Leagues Coordinator starts tomorrow. Sweet relief, and in more ways than one, she keeps bringing us chocolate from her engagement parties (yes boys, she's taken...)

Just a reminder for all you eager beavers out there, Spring registration starts in exactly 8 hours! Don't miss out, some sports fill up fast!

Well, I have to run....

...and for the love of Pete, WILL THE PHONE EVER STOP RINGING???

~Ker-bear and Stacks out

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's sunny outside but it's raining in here!

Normally Friday's are fun and jovial around the office! However, today our hearts are heavy... Today is our first day without Andrew "Phung Out" Phung. We're lost! Meanwhile he is living the good life in New York. I hope he enjoys the cold weather and lots of snow. Were going to miss him but it is only one short week.

Neither Kerri or I (Stacey) visited any gyms last night (Survior Fiji was on-and we wouldn't miss that for the world!). We do have a couple of Soccer game reports submitted by Derek who was at HCA. Congrats going out to Warm Milk and The Toe Jammers who squeeked out wins last night.

So is anyone else watching Survivor? No one admits to it, but we know there are loyal fans out there... What is the deal with that BOO guy? (And what kind of name is "Boo"?! Ahh, we're soo scared!) First he pokes himself in the eye with a stick or his finger or something, we're not quite sure. Then as he is chopping wood, the axe gets away from him and cut through his finger and grazes his knee; (nothing too serious, but he milked it for all it was worth) The icing on the cake was when he was "recovering" from the accidents and the hammock falls from the tree. Too funny... If I was his team mate I would be "cutting him from the team asap." Despite being in bad shape, Boo's tribe pulled out the win at the immunity challange and Erica was sent packing for her freak-out episode at the challenge. I feel bad for her, because she was the one to find the first food the tribe had eaten in 5 days. It's a dirty, dirty game.

There are no games this weekend due to the Family Day long weekend, so it would make the perfect opportunity to check out the Chinese New Year celebrations:

Chinese New Year Carnival-
Chinese Cultural Centre - 197 1 St SW Calgary, AB

Featured Events:
-A Chinese New Year Fair with more than 60 booths which sell all sorts of goods and festival items
- Performance of the Dragon & Lion Dance
- Demonstration of Martial Arts
- Variety Show on Chinese Traditional Folk Dances, Singings, Chinese Musical Instruments Playing and others
- Traditional festival activities such as Fortune Telling, Face & Palm Reading, Face Painting, God of Wealth handing out red pockets, etc.
- Chinese Folk Arts such as Demonstration on Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Paper Cutting, Dough Figurine Sculpture Making, Seal Engraving etc.
- Photo Booth to let the public to dress in Cantonese Opera and traditional Costumes and take photos.

Well, that's it for Kerri and I (Stacey). Hope you all have a fun and safe long weekend.

~Stacks and Ker-Bear Out

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally Some Sun

So we have finally been blessed with some sunlight to melt the layer of ice on the roads. Now we only have to worry about the wet roads and flood potential. I would choose wet roads over ice any day of the week.

Last night I (Andrew) checked out a couple of Floor Hockey games at the HCA. The first game had Go Nad Go vs. The Blueliners. This was a really great game as both teams displayed great sportsmanship. Larissa on the Blueliners tried to stand out from her team with a Red shirt while her team wore White. They soon put her in her place and she had a white shirt on. The funny thing is that as soon as she put on the white shirt she scored an amazing goal.

Matt who is the goalie for the Blueliners was definitely the first star of the game. He was a rock in the crease and never buckled under the pressure. I later learned that his last name is Fox. I think the team needs to come up with a nickname for him.

The second game of the night featured The Free Radicals vs. The Slashers. The Free Radicals are a team of friends who went to University together and took Physics. They all looked young so I asked about their goalie who looked a little bit older. The team captain replied "He was a our prof". That is awesome! Their professor is the goalie. When I was in University I would have loved to have a professor like that. I had professors who threw a chairs or had some sort of B.O.

The Free Radicals took an early lead. The Slashers were down a couple of goals by the half but they were determined. They took the lead late into the game and never looked back. The Free Radicals made it a game with about a minute left but the goalie on the Slashers (Kent) tightened up and kept their teams lead.

Valentines Day is a special day for those in loving relationships. Don Reiter is one of our hockey GC's and a real stand up guy. He called me 2 weeks ago and asked if I could cover a couple hours of his hockey shift. He wanted it covered so he could take his lady friend out to Chuck E Cheese. She had made a comment about going there a while back so he planned a night out for them. Alex loved the evening and was smiles when they got back. What a stand up guy.....he makes guys like me look bad but he's a good guy.

Here is a note from Kristen our Dodgeball GC at Jennie Elliot:

Neverland Ranch Carnies and Nice Snatch played tonight and they were both 3-0....dun dun dun....someone has to lose.

In the end the Carnies dug out the win. Nice Snatch is a really good team and I don't think it is the last times these teams will meet. Nice Snatch also has some awesome t-shirts.

Now I am a huge American Idol fan and I know I am not the only one indulging on this guilty pleasure. Stacey and I have a bet going on regarding who will win Idol this year. I have my money in Chris Sligh who's like a mix of Jack Osbourne, Justin Guiarini, and Meatloaf. Stacey believes it will be this guy named Rudy who is like Justin Timerlake meets JC Chasez with a pinch of Joey Macyntyre mixed in with Joey Fatone and Jordan Knight. I think my guy will win but who do you think? Post some comments for a chance to win Roughnecks tickets.

Well I (Andrew) am leaving for vacation so Kerri and Stacey will be taking over for the week.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Square in the Face

Stacey's Recap from her Dodgeball game last night:

With the tumultuous storm brewing last night, this is the story of one little team’s quest for the shirts. It was a dark, cold and dreary night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Despite the raging blizzard, our team made it out to the facility for our game against Hell Satan’s. Once we got into the gym, the other team only had 3 players. We were worried because we wanted to play.

When the GC arrived we saw that the balls had been left in the cold making them extra hard. We got a call from the other team saying that they would be there shortly. It was on…like Donkey Kong. There was one guy on the opposing team that was a little trooper. I am sure he got hit in the face 5 times because he dived for the balls. He should consider getting Lil Jon to be his sponsor as he is always getting low.

It was a fairly good game, great sportsmanship and awesome plays. But in the end we kicked it old school and took it down. It was our second victory but it didn't matter as we had so much fun. Afterwards we headed down to the Seanachie for great deals. We had a sponsor bar cards and got hooked up.

Andrew's Update:

Good job to all the teams who made it out for last nights games. There were some teams who had a tough time but everyone was able to get their games in.

Jana, our GC at Louis Riel had this to say in regards to one of her games:

Rec A Dodgeball: The Elves vs. Dodge My Balls….Game 2 came down to Chad of DMB vs. Chris “Ben Stiller” of The Elves. Chris throws really hard, and always has this crazy look on his face. He winds up, throw, Chad gets it square in the face, catches it, does a full backwards somersault and wins the game. It was awesome!

It seems like everyone is getting involved in this blog and I encourage players, GC's and EC's to send in stories, updates and even photos. We'll do our best to put them up on the blog. Featured today are pictures from this weekends tournament party.

Well the Police are going on tour and I think lots of people are pretty pumped up. Stacey and I were trying to pre-buy some tickets today. We hit a wall and our pre-sale code was rejected. We were trying to buy tickets for the Vancouver show so hopefully our luck changes when buying tickets for the Edmonton show.

It was announced today that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller have agreed to star in "Hardy Men". It is about the Hardy Boys who are now men and must solve one last mystery. For some reason this news is creepy, funny and than creepy again. I just don't know why. Click here to read.

On a final note, I have been obsessed with my Nintendo Wii as of late. I've been able to download some old games from my youth which include Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario Brothers 1. I've been trying to finish Mario Bros but have been failing. I remember this bugged me as a kid but as an adult it eats away at my sanity. I am trying one more time tonight and hopefully I can seal the deal. If not, I am locking this game away.


Monday, February 12, 2007

The Monday After

Well the weekend has come to an end and Monday/Tuesday is here. The CSSC had itself a great weekend. On Saturday we had our first indoor Volleyball Tournament of the season. Over 30 teams played it out on the hard court with 3 schools and 5 divisions. Everyone had an awesome time and met up at the new Ceili's after their games.

Players came down just in time to watch the Flames game. As most of you know the Flames fought their way into the Shootout where new NHL regulations state that the Flames must lose due to weak shoot-out plays. Stacey from the office was pumped as she will take any chance to lay into the Flames (The Oilers are her team). Stacey even found the comfort of some Edmontonians at the tournament. Stacey was reunited with Huan whom she went to Jr High with.

The new Ceili's was a great venue as the basement was sectioned off for our players. Over 50 players made it down and were ready for a good time. There is a private party room in the basement of Ceili's and this room was celebrating a bachlorette party. Obviously this party included some male entertainment. Some of the female Volleyball players wanted to see who was going to be the entertainment. Suddenly the kitchen door opens up and a chef dressed in a tight white shirt struts his way through the bar area into the private room. I (Andrew) can't comment but one of the ladies was heard saying "Hey, who invited Balki from Perfect Strangers"?

Matt our resident MC was holding down the program with Sonya and Dave helping out. As always we had games and gave out tons of prizes. Volleyball players have a reputation as people who leave parties early. Well this group went against that and stayed pretty late. There were still players hanging around at 11:30pm.

I think that the Dodgeball players have some work to do to out party the Volleyball players. Speaking of which, the Dodgeball tournament is filling up quickly so get your teams registered ASAP.

On Sunday, I (Andrew) headed over to HCA to watch some Floor Hockey. When I arrived I was greeted with the Underdogs and The Underdogs were sporting some bright yellow shirts. This game was classic Floor Hockey. Both teams gave it their all but the girls on Trainwreck were killing it. These girls looked harmless but they had deadly shots that hurt the Underdogs. When it was all said and done, Trainwrecks ladies took it down for the team. Even with a chippy first half both teams shook hands.

The second game on the schedule featured the CHRuisers taking on Hat Tricks. CHRuisetes into the game the team captain, Glen, came off of his shift and grabbedrs only had 5 players but the two girls on their team came ready to play. After about 5 minute into the game, the team captain grabbed a towel to wipe his face. He than told me that the Superbowl Sunday bye did not treat him well.

The CHRuisers lost their legs early into the game. Hat Tricks took advantage of this and scored some quick goals. With about 2 minutes left in the first a female on CHRuisers took a shot to the face. She took a break and went to the washroom. Down the player CHRuisers finished off the half. As the second half started the female player came back on the court and had a huge smile and look of determination. She was there to play.

CHRuisers pushed hard and lots of fun. Hat Tricks were a great team and both teams showed great sportsmanship. There were 2 or 3 incidences where players stopped the play because they thought someone got hurt. Hat Tricks were up by 5 goals but the CHRuisers went on a 6-0 run to take the lead. They eventually won the game but both teams had fun and that is what matters.

It's going to be another slippery and cold night. Make sure you drive safe when making it out to your games.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wet Wet Roads

A big thanks to all of the players who made it out to their games yesterday. Some of us were worried in the office as the roads were getting pretty bad. But, all of the teams made it and played their games.

Yesterday I (Andrew) checked out a Dodgeball game at Jennie Elliot. This is a great school for dodgeball as the gym is small and the lighting in the school is great. Kristen is out GC at this school and she has been doing a great job. She brings personality to the games and is really laid back. My example of this is her footwear. She rolls into the gyms wearing crocs and no socks. I think once the weather warms up we might see flops and Bermuda shorts.

When entering the gym, the Happy Clampers and Short Bus Squad were playing a game of Docter Dodgeball. This game was straight up insane. Apparently the game had ended in a mercy and they had been playing Dr Dodgeball for a while.

Following this game was team Heads Up taking on the Bluenosers. I really enjoy both teams. Heads Up is a singles team and everyone is there to have fun. The Bluenosers are also fun and they have some stand out players.

The match started and both teams came out strong. One player on Heads Up named Lennox has to have one of the coolest hair-dos. But he also has a very good throw. A player named Dawne on the Bluenosers also has a really nice throw. Her windup makes you think it is going to be a rocket. Well these two players went at it and at one point Dawne jumped in the air and Lennox threw the ball high enough to catch her in the air. Most players weren't looking but they all heard the ball hit Dawne. It made a loud "thump" noise.

Great play by both players and in the end they shook hands and Lennox apologized. The Bluenosers also have a player who wears very bright clothing. He rolls into the gym with an outfit looking like something Kobe Bryant would wear. Whenever he catches a ball he stares at it like a child staring at a Nintendo on a 1986 Christmas morning.

I wanted to post some GC comments today but I want to save them for a rainy day. I do want to thank Don Reiter one of our Floor Hockey GC's for sending in one of the longest game reports ever in CSSC history.

Saturday is our 1st Volleyball Tournament of the season and Stacey has been working hard to get all the equipment, gyms, and schedules prepared. A task such as a Tournament can be pretty tough but she takes time out of her day to relax. Her activity today was a round of office mini putt golf. She received the putter for Christmas and has been using it to relieve stress. She also uses to threaten me (Andrew) when she doesn't get her way. Errrr

Well tomorrow is Friday (cue "Working for the Weekend") and I suggest taking in a show at the Loose Moose Theatre. The Loose Moose is an Improv Comedy Theatre and has shows every Friday at 8:00pm and 10:30pm and on Saturdays at 8:00pm.

I've been acting there since I was 16 and it's always a good time. I remember visiting a gym last week and hearing "hey it's the Asian loose moose guy...". Check out their website here.

Another suggestion involves some drink recipe's I came across while surfing Canoe. You can mix the drink that best suits your current dating situation. The first one is called the Love Birds. The recipe is as follows:
  • 1 Part Starbucks Cream Liquor
  • 1 Part Absolut Raspberry
  • 1 part Hazelnut Liqueur
  • Shake with ice and strain into a glass. Garnish with fresh raspberries.
On the flip side you can try the Breakup:
  • 1.5 parts Starbucks Liquor
  • 1 part Sauza Blanco Tequila
  • Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.
The final one is the Make-Up:
  • 1 part Starbucks Liquor
  • .5 parts chocolate liquor
  • 1 part Absolut Vanilla
  • Shake with ice and train into a martini glass rimmed with white chocolate and sugar.
Remember to always drink responsibly.

I've noticed that players are not posting comments. I encourage you to do so and the first player to post a comment (relevant or funny) will win two tickets to the Calgary Roughnecks game on Feb 23 vs the Toronto Rock.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

GC Game Reports

Each morning I (Andrew) come into the office and I usually spend about 20 minutes looking over game reports from the previous evenings games. Most of them are pretty straight forward and the teams had a good game. Some reports are more detailed due to sportsmanship concerns. But, here are some that are funny, unique or I don't truly know what they mean:

  • ...he looks like Ben Stiller with side burns. (GC talking about the Elves)
  • If there were +2's to give out, this would be the game and the teams to give it to. (GC talking about The Wrench Dodgers and Dodge My Balls)
  • Mostly asian team, very spirited and hyper full of energy at 10pm. (GC talking about Target Practice)
  • This team was really cute. They have some small players who are quick and agile. (GC talking about FFK's)
I will make it a daily habit to post some comments from the previous nights games. I hope this doesn't encourage GC's to write comments to mess with me.

So remember when the key to your Toyota or Honda would open the door and even start the engine of another persons Toyota or Honda. I remember in High School when two of my buddies had a Honda Civic with interchangeable keys. Well have a read at this news story.

The other day I watched this clip on YouTube which was discussing the many possible uses of the new iPhone. Check out this clip. I could hardly wait to get an iPhone after watching this clip. Speaking of getting an iPhone, industry analyst predict the iPhone won't even hit Canada until the end of 2007. (Hmmm, I don't think it's comments like those that will help me get the ladies)

Remember how Yoko Ono's music was like Mcdonalds Pizza, not really good. Well I was expecting to read a brutal review of her new album but was surprised then it recieved a 7.4/10 rating. Click here to read. I'm still in shock at the fact that I read a review on a Yoko Ono album and that it was a good review. I'm not going to get the album but Stacey in the office might.

Well Wednesday nights are the busiest nights at the CSSC. We play almost every sport on Wednesday. Tonight, I will be checking out Jennie Elliot for some Dodgeball and St Gregory for some Basketball.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We Felt Like Kings

Stacey's re-cap of her dodgeball game from last night:

In a modern day clash of the titans, Moisten Needle Before Insertion were the underdogs in what feels like an expert sport. Last night our team celebrated a small victory. Firstly, we played an awesome team named Snoop Dodgey Dodge. They exemplified the CSSC spirit and were tons of fun to play with.

Secondly, I (Stacey) caught my first ball to which I danced and yelled around the gym. The best part of game last night was when the game entered the final 5 minutes. It was tied and our GC Sean (who was awesome) declared that this would be the last game. One by one our troops rallied. It came down to one player on our team and one on theirs. The final 2 gladiators were Victor from Snoop Dodgey Dodge and Dr Ziggy Funk from Moisten Before Insertion. This is where the penultimate of the game occurred. There is a vicious stare down and a cheering from the sides. We were only 2 minutes away from victory. Both players threw in unison but Ziggy caught the other players throw.

A frenzy erupted from the bench. One would have thought that we just won the Superbowl but in reality it was a dodgeball game in the NE at OS Gieger. But, we felt like kings!

When I (Andrew) arrived into the office today Stacey couldn't stop talking about her game. She usually complains about her games and the GC. But then I ask "so, did you win last night". She replied yes. Isn't it funny how players are less critical of their games when their team wins?


Monday, February 5, 2007

Back to normal...

Well the Superbowl has finally been played and The Colts took it down. Now we can all return to our regular lives. This also means that Football junkies will have to wait a good 6 months until they get their Football fix. The upside is that Football fans can get out of the house and enjoy some outdoor sports. Spring registration for CSSC Leagues starts in late February. More details will be announced shortly.

On the schedule for tonight's games is a full slate of Dodgeball, Volleyball and Indoor Soccer. I (Andrew) will be checking out a couple of Dodgeball games tonight. Whenever I check out Dodgeball games I am able to sneak in one game or two. Slowly but surely I am developing my Dodgeball skills (I am currently at a Grade 2 equivalent).

Like most offices, the CSSC office enjoys music to keep the energy going. Monday's are usually "80's Mondays" while Wednesdays is usually "James Blunt makes me cry Wednesdays". Tuesday however is "new music Tuesday" and this Tuesday is a special one as Bloc Party is releasing their new album. Bloc party is an awesome band whose music is a good alternative to more mainstream music. Check out this review.

Good luck at your games tonight and watch for pictures and updates from tonight's games on tomorrow's blog update.