Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Alas, after a long hiatus, I'm back and better then ever. Like they say, you don't miss it till it's gone. You know you missed me...

There's so much going on right now, I don't know where to start. There are the Spring leagues, which are now almost over and the Summer leagues about to start. Not to mention the mant tournaments Stacey is organizing for the summer. Theres never a dull moment around this office, let me tell you!

So far the spring season has been runnign pretty smoothly, well except for our poor Thursday outdoor players who have been rained and/or snowed out TWO weeks this season. Now they are all scrambling to get their games in before playoffs!

A special thanks goes out to all those teams who braved the frigid temperatures the past few weeks and went out there and played their games!

An another note, my fiance was doing a little Internet searching while "working" (slacker) and he came across this article about a new "reality" show in the Netherlands. Now I'm all for reality TV shows, but this one goes to far... waaaay too far. In a nut shell, The Big Donorshow is about a terminally ill woman who is going to giver away her kidneys to one of three contestants who are currently waiting for kidney transplants. They say that this show is being used to bring awareness to organ donation, others think it is a really bad idea. I tend to lean towards the latter.

One more I jsut have to throw in here:

"For female cheetahs in the Serengeti, the call of the wild is just too hard to resist as new research shows nearly half of their litters are made up of cubs with different fathers."

I'd love to be the guy who's sole job is to figure this stuff out. Beats working in an office all day!

Thats all for me today, I have to get back to work.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All about the Jacksons

Well this is the first blog in a long time, but the blog is back and we have regular updates scheduled. My name is Heather and I am working at the club for the summer!

The spring season is rolling along and we've had our hands full with some unique player concerns that don't deal with players:

- Parents walking their children across a field of slo-pitch players.
- A soccer player kicking a ball out of a field and the ball hitting the windshield of a car and breaking it.
- Players settling a tie game through a dance battle.

In the office, Andrew and Stacey are really excited about the upcoming Michael Jackson Auction. You can be the owner of Michael Jackson awards, pictures, family items, and even his old id card. Andrew has his eyes set on an award he recieved. Not really sure which, just the cheapest one.

Also, Andrew and I stumbled upon this article. Some people are claiming that they have evidence of a real life alien. I wasn't impressed but Andrew was freaking out.

Well, enjoy the warm weather!

Heather :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring into Spring

First and foremost Larry Birkhead is infact Anna Nicole's Baby's Daddy I can now sleep again. Anyways I (Stacey) have a little bit of time (not really) I wanted to do something fun for a minute.
Well we completed another season! Man how time flies. These past few weeks have been utterly crazy around the office . I can't remember what it sound like without the phone ringing. We are only 3 days away ( don't panic indoor this Sunday outdoor next Sunday!) from launching the CSSC's biggest season yet! We will have 800 teams playing in 11 sports (12 if you count theatre sports!)

We had an awesome Season Ending Party at Bugaboo Creek! That was already over a week ago (see how time fllies) I just got the photo's from Matt our photographer! As always they turned out awesome. I will have them posted to the web early next week. We are going to try something new where if you would like a copy of your team photo Matt will have them for sale. He takes an amazing picture!

Andrew and Matt ended up being MC's for the evening they rocked the house. There were lots of fun games like "blow up the fish", Drunken Limbo, and Trivia! All the favourites from my birthday parties as a kid. Take a look at some of the photo's below.

It was an awesome time!

Every so often at the CSSC we get some great "projects" teams have put together because they love their teams so much! If you ever have played Dodgeball this will make you bust a move, and a gut. This is the reason I love the internet so much! Fantastic job to Grab Life by the Balls! very funny.

Lastly the plans are almost 100% in place for the June 2nd Clash of the Titans Dodgeball Tournament in Red Deer. A 1 day extravaganza for the title of ultimate Dodgeball City Calgary or Edmonton.................This is going to take a lot for me to admit but I think Calgary is going to take it! (I was born and raised it Edmonton so that hurt a bit.) Stay tuned to the web for details! There is only enough space for 16 teams.

I should get back to the grind..............


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Springing into Spring...

Last night was our Winter season ending party. And it was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself (Kerri)

The theme for the night was Spring into Spring - Luau Style. There were lots of fun decorations and some really great costumes. Some teams, like Bend it Like Beckham, went all out. I am guessing that this is one of the reasons that they took home the Lady Bing shirts. Awesome job guys!

The highlight of the night for me was watching the limbo contest. Participants made their way under a floral hockey stick while trying to not spill their glass of beer. Needless to say a lot of players didn't make it, but those that were victorious were fun to watch. I was just talking to Andrew, and his fav game was the beer-drinking hoola hoop contest. Ryan F. kicked butt on this one. Later we tested for steroids, but found out it was years of training that allowed him to take home the gold.

I wish I had some pictures to post, but we had a professional photographer there last night, so we don't have any pictures yet. Sorry!!

Moving on, one of our GCs, Jana, stopped by the office this afternoon to return some equipment. Some how we got onto the topic of farm animals and eventually poultry. I brought up the topic of the chicken that had it's head chopped off and continued to live for a year and a bit. Nicole and Jana didn't believe me. So I hopped onto the internet and used trusty ol' Google. I could get into more detail, but it gets kinda gross... if you feel like you're up to it, check out the website:

Thats all from me today

Peace out!


Monday, April 2, 2007

Miami Vice?

(Stacey will have an update from the weekends Volleyball Tournament tomorrow)

Well I (andrew) was going to post an end of the season re-cap but I have decided to hold off until the Season Ending Party is over.

The season ending party is on Wednesday at 7:00pm at Bugaboo Creek. Click here for more information. Matt (GC) and I will be hosting the event. We have some great stuff planned. We even met up tonight to work on the program. Towards the end we thought, "Hey, what are we going to wear?". We debated this for like 20 minutes. We then realized we had been talking about what to wear for 20 minutes.

One idea that stood out was dressing up like Don Johnson and the other guy from Miami Vice. Not the new version with guns and no plot line but rather the version with the alligator and awesome hair. We thought it would be a good choice but realized that neither of us has suits from the 80's. We decided to go in another direction which might tick off Stacey. What is it you ask, well you need to be there to see.

I was surfing youtube today and found this amazing video. Alanis Morisette hasn't released new music in many years. But, she has been around the media by dating Van Wilder. Well she is going to shoot herself back into the spotlight with this parody video. It pokes fun at the Black Eyed Peas and especially Fergie. Click here to watch. It might not be new music but it's pretty funny or powerful stuff.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Season Ending Party

Hey everyone,

The season is coming to a close and the season ending party is on Wednesday April 4 at Bugaboo Creek. The theme is "spring fun" so make sure to put on your Bermuda shorts and t-shirts. I (Andrew) and our GC Matt will be hosting the event. I got Stacey to give us full creative control of the content so you should expect some pretty funny stuff.

Everyone knows by now that we are American Idol fans. Sanjaya is a contestant who is clearly not as good as the others but remains in the competition. There is even a girl who is starving herself until he is voted off. I posted a link a few days back. Well, she is now 11 days into her fast and will have to go another 6 days. Seriously here, do people not have better things to do than starve themselves over a TV show? Why not do something that benefits others such as shaving your head and raising money for cancer? Just my thoughts.

The top 3 nominees for the Lady Bing Award have been announced. The top 3 nominees are: I Like Sets, Team Discovery Channel, and Bent Like Beckham. Congratulations to all three teams for playing with respect for their opponents. All teams in the CSSC should play like them. The winning team will be announced at the Season Ending Party.

I will discuss some highlights to the season in tomorrows blog post.


Monday, March 26, 2007

It's a Pucking Win!

Kerri here again. I just had to do a short blog about my floor hockey game last night. Our team, the Pucking Allstars, have not won a game all season. All we wanted to win was one game this season, just one... I'm not asking much!

The game remained scoreless for about the first 10 minutes. I have to give kudos to the other team, The Thunder Bolts. They were a lot of fun to play against, and had amazing sportsmanship. After about 15 minutes of play, the scoring opened up. Tomas from our team scored 6 of our 8 goals! Must have been the new stick...Dude, where were you the other 8 games! Maybe things would have been a little different, and we wouldn't have been in LAST PLACE! A shout out also goes to Rob, the team goalie. He has held down the fort all season, but unfortunately a goalie can only do so much without defence!

Anyways, the game ended 8-1 in our favour. I got to thinking after the game, though, that maybe the The Thunder Bolts had heard about our struggle this season and just felt sorry for us and let us win.

After the game the team headed over to Limericks for some celebratory drinks. We ran into a couple of players from The Thunder Bolts and had a pint with them. It was all good fun, and the perfect way to end the season.

I'm done bragging for today...

Peace out


Friday, March 23, 2007

Craved Globally, Enjoyed Locally

Oh man, what a crazy week. I (Kerri) have to apologize to Ballz in yo Face. I GC'd their game against Sex Panther on Tuesday and I told them I would post their picture on here, and I just haven't had a chance... until today.
Tuesday's game was AWESOME! It was the first time I had GC'd soccer, and these two teams made it SO easy. I didn't have to blow my whistle once! These teams were so eager to play that I went to get a sip of water from the fountain at the half, and by the time I got back, the players were already on the field, ready to go. Other sports I've GC'd, I have to blow my whistle and nearly FORCE the players back on to the court!

The team captain of Ballz in yo Face, Jolene, was not able to play because of a foot injury, but she was still out there cheering on her team. She told me that the team had made it to the final round many times, but just we not able to capture the shirts. But tonight was their night. After a hard fought and scoreless first half, Ballz in yo Face managed to put one in the net. I don't know how, but they got it by Sex Panther's goal who was whippin out all kinds of fancy moves.

Anyways, the game wound down and Ballz in yo Face took home the win. Congrats goes out to both teams for such a well played game. Thanks guys for breaking me into soccer GCing easily!

Now, it's well known around the office that Stacey has a Taco Time addiction. Normally we humor her and go with her once, maybe twice a week. But something extraordinary is happening... it's starting to rub off. Before I started working at the CSSC I could count the number of times I'd eaten at Taco Time on one hand (and even then it was just the Mexi fries... the beef was a little sketchy...) But now all Stacey has to do is look at me at about 11:00am and I know what she's thinking. Taco Taco TACO!
We have to leave the office at about 11:00 in order to beat the lunch rush. The guy who owns the place is always there, just him, his wife and his mother in law. It's funny to watch them work because they bicker like typical couples.

Everyone in the office always has the same things:
Rob: Big Baha Chicken Barrito, 1/2 the sour cream and hot sauce in
Andrew: 3 hard shell tacos
Kerri: taco salad with hot sauce as the dressing
Stacey: Taco Salad, no shell, salsa as the dressing
Nicole: well, we're still working on her... we'll have to wait and see what her meal of choice will be.

Well, that's about enough of our eating habits. It's time for me to go anyways.

Peace out


Am I Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Here are some pictures from Tuesday Soccer:

The Wildthings

Power Performance

May Contain Nuts

SW United



League Champs: The 3rd Line

The Kickers

The other day I (Andrew) was watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and thought "am I?". So I played the online version and found out that "yes, I am smarter than a 5th grader".

If you don't have plans for Saturday night I encourage you to check out Gorilla Theatre at the Loose Moose Theatre. CSSC members with their VIP cards will receive a discount on admission and can purchase a ticket for $8.00. Click here for more info.

Phung Out

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hockey Night at North Glenmore Park

(Please Note: Pictures from Tuesdays Soccer game will be posted tomorrow)

Well last night I (Andrew) was working a couple of games at North Glenmore Park. I really enjoy this facility because Dana, the manager takes really good care of it. Players do not enjoy the smaller nets or small gym but they do enjoy the level of service that this gym provides. I also found out that various teams hold practices on Saturdays. PRACTICES!!! That's crazy talk! I am really impressed to see that our players have such passion for the game.

The first game featured Dundadaas vs. The Olympic Hopefuls. This was a great game with the teams tied at 3-3 with 5 minutes to go. There is a female player on the Olympic Hopefuls who looks like she is going to eat baby when she attacks the ball. It's awesome!! There was one player Dundadaas who made a high stick and looked over at me like a 5 year old kid trying to get out of trouble. He jokingly walked off the court while his teammates laughed.

The second game featured the Grooveservers vs. The Hockey Club. This game was tough as there was some chippiness on both sides. At one point I had to blow the whistle. But the awesome part was that both captains apologized to one another, kicked out some of the rough players and wanted to play on. We continued to play and it turned out good.

Everyone at the office is a pretty big fan of American Idol. I put my support behind Chris Sligh but I have to change it to Sanjaya. This guy cannot sing, period. But he is so funny and enthusiastic. 2 nights ago he made a girl cry. Seriously, a girl cried over a mediocre singer. Can you imagine this girl 20 years from now. She will be forever known as the "girl who cried over that kid on idol who couldn't sing". Click here to watch the clip. Some people are not impressed that Sanjaya has made it this far. This girl has declared a hunger strike.

I am a big fan of 80's and 90's references. In a sense I consider myself old school. Check out this hilarious clip. This guy is definitely old school.

Phung Out

Friday, March 16, 2007

Relaxed Night

Last night I (Andrew) was working the games at Forest Lawn. A GC had unexpectedly canceled so I went on over to work the games. The truth is that these games needed no GC as they were some of the cleanest games played this season. The teams were awesome and were there for a good time.

The first game featured Bent Like Beckham vs Cleet Seeking Missiles. BLB is an awesome team who have amazing uniforms and the best spirit. They cheer, laugh and even have a cheerleader with pom poms. They played hard but the Cleet Seeking Missiles took it down 5-3. Afterwards the team playing in the 2nd game asked "Hey did Bent Like Beckham win?". I replied "no" and he said "damn, I really wanted them to have that one, they are such an amazing time. I wouldn't mind losing so that we could play them again." That is a great comment and I would rather be the fun team before being the "takes this to too serious" team.

The second game featured The Gargoyles and Warm Milk. The Gargoyles had only 4 players and stayed in the entire game. They were down 3-2 when their sub showed up. Sadly they lost the game. The finny part was that they started to give their late player a hard time and claimed they only started losing when this player decided to show up late. Funny stuff!

Finally we had My Hammy Vice vs The Jedi Knights. The Knights were short players but made up for it with heart. They busted their butts but couldn't overcome being short handed. They lost by a score of 4-1.

I later learned that Bent Like Beckham has a website. Click here to check it out. They have recaps of their every game and this site details their many seasons with the CSSC. The best part is their game re-caps.

It's official, 12 year old's can now work in AB restaurants that do not serve alcohol. Due to staffing shortages we must now employ 12 year old's. The news report even quotes, "...and will not be allowed to work in strip clubs." Seriously, they had to make that clear. Can you imagine a 12 year old rolling into his grade 6 class and saying "man, last night was rough". Now I remember having a paper route when I was 12 but working at a restaurant? How is that different from child labor? It's just my opinion.

Finally, if you don't have plans this weekend make sure you check out the 10:32 show at the Loose Moose. It's a new style of improv and will feature some awesome improvisers. The format is raw and I would keep the kiddies away. Click here for more info.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Days You Gotta Dance

Well guys, it's been a couple week since I got my Keith Urban tickets and this is the first chance I have had to talk about them. A while ago, some of you might remember my little blurb about being sad for missing the Rascal Flatts concert, and what HUGE country fans Nicole and I are. So Country 105 did a pre-buy for Keith Urban tickets and I missed out! I was very unhappy. But little did I know, fate had other plans for me. I was sitting here at my desk, working ever so hard, when I decided to listen to Country 105 on the Internet. Just as the streaming started, a song was finishing and the announcers came back on:
"Keith Urban has just announced that he is doing a second show in Calgary. Pre-buy tickets will go on sale at 10:20."

I looked at the clock.... 10:19. If that's not luck, I don't know what is. So I typed as fast as my fingers would let me and managed to get 4 tickets to the concert! Whoop Whoop! The only down side is that now the rest of the office has to listen to me talk about it for the next 6 months... the concert isn't until September!

In sporting related news, Andrew decided to "volunteer" me to GC last night. I was a little hesitant, as basketball is not my strong sport. The games actually went really well. The first game of the night was the Hooligans (5th) vs the Night Hawks (8th). The Night Hawks took an early lead and it was really close at the half, but they just weren't able to hang on. The Hooligans ended up winning 56-48. Kudos to both team captains in this match, you have awesome teams.

The second game of the night brought Revolution (6th) and Slammin Harry's (7th) together. This was an awesome game to watch. Both teams played with a lot of respect for each other. It was wire to wire the whole game. These teams were so well matched that they went basket for basket for about the first 10 minutes. The game ended in a tie. We were running out of permit time, so I decided we were going to do a 2 minute OT. Both teams scored one basket.

Now we were REALLY running out of time. I had never seen a game so close!! I decided that we were going to a shoot out. Each team chose 5 members to shoot. We alternated boys and girls. The first two players missed the shots for both teams. Slammin Harry's took the lead with their third player hitting the basket....but this was not the game. Revolution hit their 4th basket. Tied still. We went to the 6th shooter. Slammin Harry's shot first... a miss. A girl from Revolution stepped to the line. She bounced the ball a couple times, looked up to the net, shot it.....

...AND IT WAS IN! Revolution took the win. It was ll very dramatic. Both teams were awesome and played so hard. Congrats teams, and good luck in the final round of playoffs.

One more note on the subject of basketball...

Who would not LOVE to have one of these things in their back yard?! I know that if I had a backyard, I would have one!

Peace out--


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Being as it is Tuesday now is when I (Stacey) give the play by play for my Dodge ball game from last night! Unfortunately, the team we were to play defaulted. Our team was really disappointed as for we have so few games left. I fear we will be a little rusty for the playoffs next week.

This past weekend was the Curling Funspeil. I didn't think it was possible to have that much fun getting exercise. The theme of the tournament was Vegas Baby Vegas! There were some awesome costumes, my favorites were Sigfried and Roy (with the tigers), The Las Vegas Showgirls with Blue Man Group, and CSI Teams. I played Blue Man Group in my last game and it was very Erie only being able to see someones teeth at the other end of the rink. A great effort was made by all the teams. The costumes are half the fun of the tournament.

The Spirit Award for this tournament went to The Montecore MaulersThis team was awesome! First of all some of their team members flew in from Vancouver to attend this tournament that's dedication. They were "on" all day. They danced, they sang, they had an extensive collection of stripper cards! It was a lot of fun to have them at the tournament it definitely made the day more fun. My collection of "dancer" cards is much fuller now because of them.

I have to say the highlight of the day for me was when my team Pardon me.......may I handle your rocks? took the shirts for most games won and point differential. It was the perfect end to all the smack talk that went on around the office! Andrew is still "alleging" that I had a professional curler on my team........I want to set the record straight. Lorena is NOT a professional curler. She knows the rules, she gets out about twice a year to curl (CSSC funspeil, and the Scott Tournament of Hearts!) that's all....................kidding! I am excited we are booked in already for next year so I have a full year to gloat around the office about the shirts.

Well I should get back to the grind I'm out.


Monday, March 12, 2007

So Many Games, So Little Time

I (Andrew) apologize for the lack of updates. We've had a crazy couple of weeks at the club. On any given night everyone at the office is watching games, playing in games or working on our awesome special events.

Last Thursday I (Andrew) was at Forest Lawn and checked out three awesome games. The first match up featured Robots in Disguise vs Level 7 Wizards. The Robots are a really fun team made up of mainly family members. This game went back and forth. There were some pretty nice goals scored. There is a player on Level 7 Wizards who is a suave looking guy. His players often make fun of the fact that he looks too smooth while playing soccer.

The second game featured Warm Milk vs Kicking and Screaming. Warm Milk was down 4 or 5 players. They played short handed the whole game but totally hung in there. During the game players from Warm Milk accidentally knocked in two goals into their own net. They lost by a score of 5-4 and were laughing at how they lost because they scored on themselves. Everyone was having a great time at this game. Great hustle!

The last game featured the ToeJammes vs FIGJAM. Both teams had a great time. FIGJAM has an awesome coach who doesn't play. Instead she baby sits the players kids and keeps the players calm during the game. Now that's an awesome coach.

On Saturday the CSSC Team partied and Curled at our annual curling tournament. Stacey will have an update with a full re-cap in tomorrows blog.

Sunday is known as Hockey Day In Calgary for CSSC members. Some players play up to 3 games per Sunday. I was checking some games at the HCA and the first game was a dozy. We had The Unit vs Monks on the Mount. These teams were ranks 1st and 2nd. Also, these teams were previous league champions.

Both teams came out hard on Sunday. The game was intense but clean. There were a couple of dicey plays but everyone was really sportsmanlike. Monks on the Mount had a strong offence while The Unit put forth a strong defence. When the dust cleared the Monks on the Mount took it down but the Unit stayed in the whole game. This is a possible playoff game so I will keep my eyes peeled for their next match up.

The next game featured Shake and Bake vs Gerbil Sox. Gerbil Sox has this female player who is like a hawk on defence. She is always on the ball and won't give anyone an easy shot. Gerbil Sox took an early lead but Shake and Bake took the game down.

During this game I thought a player on Shake and Bake was named "Theo". I started calling her that and her teammates told me her name was "TL". We all thought Theo was a better name so she has been nicknamed in Theo Huxtable. Hopefully this team plays as the Huxtables for next season. I would love to see the game featuring the Huxtables vs the Winslows.

Finally we had RJ's Hedgehogs vs Bibiosteakasaurus. This was a really fun game overall. One player on Steak had to wear a hot pink shirt because it was the only dark shirt anyone had. He was a great sport about it.

Watch out for tomorrows Curling Tournament Update!


Friday, March 9, 2007

Lines from a Rookie

Kerri here. Sigh... our little Nicole is growing up... she had her first GCing experience this week. Andrew made her drive alllll the way down to Jennie Elliott school (ok, so it's not that far, but you get the point) Here's what she had to say:

"Dodgeball players are weird. But it was a lot of fun. The Ball Pirates had players that would play leap frog or something. I didn't get the point of it, but it was funny to watch.

Durring the Gators vs the Juggling Ass Clowns, a ball burst open. A player walked up to me and asked me if I wanted it. Duh, no. What am I going to do with a broken ball? So he ripped it open and put it on his head and continued to play with it on... it was hot!
The last game (Sound n' Sane and the C-Cups) ended up being a mercy, but it was probably the best game of the night. What a difference just "playing for fun" makes!" ~Nicole

And now an update from Stacey's game from Monday (yeah, she's a little behind...)
"Well, it pays to have some smart guys on my team. Walking into this past weeks game, our team was fully aware that if we didn't win this game, we wouldn't have a chance to slide into 4th place. The game was very intense. We played like it was the last dodgeball game ever. A special shout-out goes to Dan, who when the chips were down, single-handedly brought our team back from near annihalation. Unfortunately with his beautiful catch he brough Ziggy back from the bench only for Ziggy to last a mere 20 seconds in the game. (He's not a bad player, it was just a case of bad luck... right...) Unfortunately as goopd as Dan is, he can hold up the team for so long, and with his out, it brought upon a slippery slope of losing. And, long story short, we lost our match and the hope of dodgeball glory.
For the last few weeks we have had an Aussie playing with us. The very dirst time she came to dodgeball, she thought there was something wrong with us. Why were we doing this? But near the end, she was sad to see us go. I think we converted an Aussie to dodgeball" ~Stacey

Speaking of Aussies and dodgeball, funny story:
We received an email from a guy in Australia who somehow got on our mailing list and recieved an email regarding a dodgeball tournament. He was quite pleasant in the email he sent ack, and was quite qurious about this game we call dodgeball. Aparently it's not quite the sport ofver there like it is here. After asking to be removed from the mailing list. Who knows, maybe we can start up an International Dodgeball League (IDL).. Yes, I do dream big...

Well, thats about it for me. Three minutes until I get to go home for the weekend.. well, not home, to bowling. Then all day tomorrow I'm playing in the curling funspiel. Look out guys, I'm there for the sirts!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Games Galore

My (Andrew) apologies for taking a couple of days to update the blog. The past couple of days have been crazy busy at the office. I've checked out a total of 8 games in 2 days. The games have been awesome as usual.

On Tuesday I checked out Indoor Soccer at Forest Lawn. The First game featured Canadian Bacon and Comic Relief. Both of these teams were pretty fun teams. There is a girl on Comic Relief who plays some tight D. The second game featured The Silver Spring Strikers vs. The Green Machine. The Silver Spring Strikers are a family and friends team. It's pretty cool to hear a player say "Hey Dad, good play!". Green Machine had a player who kicked a ball and made a three point shot. Sadly, it didn't count toward the final score.

Towards the end of the game they Green Machine got a penalty shot on the net. The gym was filled with excitement and the players didn't know what to do. In the end the Silver Spring Strikers took this one down.

The Third game featured The Grasshoppers vs. Just 4 Kicks. The team captains of the Grasshoppers, Jonathan has the greatest ninja stance while playing the net. He sprawls down like he is about to take down Mr Myagi. The rest of the players are awesome as well. They are constantly cheering and helping out players who fall. Just 4 Kicks pushed for a late comeback but fell short. A player on Just 4 Kicks warned the other team that a comeback was in order as soon as his dinner was digested. It didn't digest.

On Tuesday Night I checked out some Floor Hockey games at South Fish Creek. I really enjoy this gym because the facility as a whole is really nice. There is tons of parking and it is always clean. The downside is that it is so far south which isn't the best for a downtown dweller like myself. But, there are tons of players who love its location.

The first game featured Going for the Shirts vs. There is no crying in hockey. Going for the Shirts has been playing with us for years and they always play a clean game. There is no crying in hockey had a couple of really fast and strong players. In the end There is no crying in hockey took this one down. They are ranked 3rd and 4th in their division. This could be a potential playoff game.

The final game was amazing! The Struggling Slapshots took on Jet Blast. Both teams were really fun and played a clean game. I have probably seen 40-50 different hockey teams play and I truly believe that The Struggling Slapshots have one of the best female lines I have ever seen. The girls on this team score more than the guys do. Usually girls play defence but on this team the girls play everything. It is awesome to see teams that have female players play all positions. Great job ladies!
Also on the Struggling Slapshots in Wayne. He is a long time player in this league and he is a pretty solid guy. He's about 6'2 so watching him play net is pretty fun to watch. The best visual was when he dropped the splits and had to get himself back up. He was a trooper and saved his team with some pretty great saves.

Well our Curling Funspeil is on Saturday. Everyone from the office has a team and there is alot of trash talking going on. Stacey believes her team will take it down but my team of 8, yes count it 8 players will come together to win it. I've been working with Stacey on her costume and it should be pretty funny...and even a little dirty.

Every now and than I will check out Ebay for their auctions. Today I came across this awesome auction. It is of a guy who will do anything on camera for $2.99. Yes, for $2.99 you can get this guy to take a picture of himself in whacky posses, holding signs, or even dancing to Popozao by Kevin Federline. He will not do anything obscene, Stacey already checked.

That's all for today. Check back tomorrow for Stacey's dodgeball update.


Friday, March 2, 2007

Hungry Like The Wolf

Well the weekend has arrived and I (Andrew) hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. The other night I was Jennie Elliot working some Dodgeball games. The first game featured the Sleeman Cream Team taking on The Short Bus Squad. Both teams were awesome! The Sleeman Cream Team was down some players but they hung in there. The Short Bus Squad dug out the win. As they celebrated one of the male players proceeded to grab a male teammate and hump him from behind. The odd part was that the rest of the team acted like it was normal from this player. That's true team spirit.

The second game featured the Flying Buttresses vs The Happy Clampers. I've seen the Flying Buttresses play in the past and they have gotten really good as a team. This was a fun game and the Happy Clampers took it down. When I GC I like to switch it up at the end. I usually have a couple games of all in dodgeball but the girls switch sides. It's fun for all of the teams.

During the game a player on the Flying Buttresses yelled "hey this GC is on the ball". A teammate then shushed the player and said "it's GC dude". I'm glad to hear that some players use the term GC instead of Ref.

So I (Andrew) was reading some news articles today and came across some funny ones. The first one involves a man trying to cash a $50,000 check from god. The second one involves a man who was arrested by the cops for robbing a bank. When he attempted to show money he had stolen he found out he had been robbed. Hmm, the world works in funny ways.

Also, the guy from the Sopranos has quit Dancing with the Stars but he has been replaced with Cliff from Cheers. This so is kind of fun to watch but bringing Cliff from Cheers is digging the bottom of the barrel. Next thing you know they are going to bring in the guy that played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters. Or better yet the kid who played Stephanie's Tanners friend Harry on Full House. Ca mon, you remember Harry, right?

If you don't have plans for the weekend you should check out Friday Night Late. This is a show at the Loose Moose Theatre and is put on by Rob Mitchelson and AJ Demers. It is a variety talk show which is really funny and insightful. Here is a description of tonight's show:

  • "It's like Steve Allen meets the Daily show in your Pants"
  • Another Friday Night Late!!! March 2nd at 10:30 p.m @ the Loose Moose Theatre at the Crossroads Market. This Months guests - Local celebrity and Food guru John Gilchrist, from his show This Is Cancer! at the Enbridge Playrites Festival, creator and performer, Bruce Horak and singer / songwriter, the gorgeous, Amy Thiessen. Plus The Ricky Ambrose Orchestra, What's in the Window, Dasani Psychic and More
  • Come on out because every Friday is a good Friday when it is Friday Night Late.
Finally, yesterday I picked up the new American Idol Karaoke Revolution game. This game is like Dance Dance Revolution but with singing. My roommate hates this game because I am a horrible singer. But the game is so much fun. When in this version the judges get to rip into you. I had just finished an awesome rendition of Hungry Like the Wolf when Simon proceeded to break my self esteem. I was sad but it fueled me to try again and stick it him. Sadly, I could not stick it you him. But I'll keep trying this weekend.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Police

Well, I (Stacey) had mentioned in yesterdays blog that I was so pumped because I was going to the Van Morrision Concert. I was right on 1 thing for sure.......... I was clearly the youngest person in my section at the tender age of 28! I was having a hard time deciding on going to this show, being that tickets were over $130.00 each. Unexpectedly I was disappointed when the lights came on at the Dome. The weirdest thing was how quiet the actual performance was, I wasn't expecting Mega Death volume but when I can whisper and the person next to me could hear everything I said that was odd. Van just recently came out with a new CD of all his hits that were on movie soundtracks! I thought we would be treated to those favorites of mine, no!!!!! The show only lasted a total of 75 minutes, at the very least give me value for my dollar.
The reporter from the Calgary Herald wrote: "thankfully, the 61-year-old Irishman put on a show that would only disappoint those fans who had never listened beyond the singer's radio hits." The thing I most disappointed with is, the person that went with me (Dan, my "man friend") HATES Van Morrison. I was hoping he would really enjoy the show and share my appreciation (aka- let me play the CD's anytime) he now dislikes him more.

Speaking of expensive concert tickets.......Andrew and I (Stacey) were talking about going to The Police concert. This morning Best Buy had sent Andrew a presell link for the tickets. Long story short Andrew got 17th row center on the floor for the show. The tickets came to the low low price of $482.00 (for 2) . I remember the good ol' days when that price would get you some sweet front row floor seats from a scalper. I wonder what kind of price we will see in 20 years. Only time will tell.

Still on the subject of Police (not the Sting kind!) Andrew came across this news story on the net today at lunch............"BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A middle school principal was charged with dealing crystal methamphetamine after police found the drug in his school office.
John Acerra, 50, of Allentown, was arrested Tuesday in his office at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem, where police said they found meth on his desk.
Police said they began investigating Acerra in early February after an informant told them that the principal was using and distributing the drug, The Morning Call newspaper reported Wednesday. Acerra was arrested in his office after allegedly selling drugs to the informant, authorities said.
There was no indication that Acerra sold the drug to students, but Acerra did allegedly sell the drug from his school office after hours and on weekends, said Dennis Mihalopoulos, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.".........
Remember the simpler times when only the kid dealing drugs at school was that 30 year old dude still in grade 12, with 4 kids! It's sad when his competition is the principal.

I've got to get back to the grind!

Stacey Out