Friday, March 23, 2007

Craved Globally, Enjoyed Locally

Oh man, what a crazy week. I (Kerri) have to apologize to Ballz in yo Face. I GC'd their game against Sex Panther on Tuesday and I told them I would post their picture on here, and I just haven't had a chance... until today.
Tuesday's game was AWESOME! It was the first time I had GC'd soccer, and these two teams made it SO easy. I didn't have to blow my whistle once! These teams were so eager to play that I went to get a sip of water from the fountain at the half, and by the time I got back, the players were already on the field, ready to go. Other sports I've GC'd, I have to blow my whistle and nearly FORCE the players back on to the court!

The team captain of Ballz in yo Face, Jolene, was not able to play because of a foot injury, but she was still out there cheering on her team. She told me that the team had made it to the final round many times, but just we not able to capture the shirts. But tonight was their night. After a hard fought and scoreless first half, Ballz in yo Face managed to put one in the net. I don't know how, but they got it by Sex Panther's goal who was whippin out all kinds of fancy moves.

Anyways, the game wound down and Ballz in yo Face took home the win. Congrats goes out to both teams for such a well played game. Thanks guys for breaking me into soccer GCing easily!

Now, it's well known around the office that Stacey has a Taco Time addiction. Normally we humor her and go with her once, maybe twice a week. But something extraordinary is happening... it's starting to rub off. Before I started working at the CSSC I could count the number of times I'd eaten at Taco Time on one hand (and even then it was just the Mexi fries... the beef was a little sketchy...) But now all Stacey has to do is look at me at about 11:00am and I know what she's thinking. Taco Taco TACO!
We have to leave the office at about 11:00 in order to beat the lunch rush. The guy who owns the place is always there, just him, his wife and his mother in law. It's funny to watch them work because they bicker like typical couples.

Everyone in the office always has the same things:
Rob: Big Baha Chicken Barrito, 1/2 the sour cream and hot sauce in
Andrew: 3 hard shell tacos
Kerri: taco salad with hot sauce as the dressing
Stacey: Taco Salad, no shell, salsa as the dressing
Nicole: well, we're still working on her... we'll have to wait and see what her meal of choice will be.

Well, that's about enough of our eating habits. It's time for me to go anyways.

Peace out


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