Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Being as it is Tuesday now is when I (Stacey) give the play by play for my Dodge ball game from last night! Unfortunately, the team we were to play defaulted. Our team was really disappointed as for we have so few games left. I fear we will be a little rusty for the playoffs next week.

This past weekend was the Curling Funspeil. I didn't think it was possible to have that much fun getting exercise. The theme of the tournament was Vegas Baby Vegas! There were some awesome costumes, my favorites were Sigfried and Roy (with the tigers), The Las Vegas Showgirls with Blue Man Group, and CSI Teams. I played Blue Man Group in my last game and it was very Erie only being able to see someones teeth at the other end of the rink. A great effort was made by all the teams. The costumes are half the fun of the tournament.

The Spirit Award for this tournament went to The Montecore MaulersThis team was awesome! First of all some of their team members flew in from Vancouver to attend this tournament that's dedication. They were "on" all day. They danced, they sang, they had an extensive collection of stripper cards! It was a lot of fun to have them at the tournament it definitely made the day more fun. My collection of "dancer" cards is much fuller now because of them.

I have to say the highlight of the day for me was when my team Pardon me.......may I handle your rocks? took the shirts for most games won and point differential. It was the perfect end to all the smack talk that went on around the office! Andrew is still "alleging" that I had a professional curler on my team........I want to set the record straight. Lorena is NOT a professional curler. She knows the rules, she gets out about twice a year to curl (CSSC funspeil, and the Scott Tournament of Hearts!) that's all....................kidding! I am excited we are booked in already for next year so I have a full year to gloat around the office about the shirts.

Well I should get back to the grind I'm out.


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