Friday, March 16, 2007

Relaxed Night

Last night I (Andrew) was working the games at Forest Lawn. A GC had unexpectedly canceled so I went on over to work the games. The truth is that these games needed no GC as they were some of the cleanest games played this season. The teams were awesome and were there for a good time.

The first game featured Bent Like Beckham vs Cleet Seeking Missiles. BLB is an awesome team who have amazing uniforms and the best spirit. They cheer, laugh and even have a cheerleader with pom poms. They played hard but the Cleet Seeking Missiles took it down 5-3. Afterwards the team playing in the 2nd game asked "Hey did Bent Like Beckham win?". I replied "no" and he said "damn, I really wanted them to have that one, they are such an amazing time. I wouldn't mind losing so that we could play them again." That is a great comment and I would rather be the fun team before being the "takes this to too serious" team.

The second game featured The Gargoyles and Warm Milk. The Gargoyles had only 4 players and stayed in the entire game. They were down 3-2 when their sub showed up. Sadly they lost the game. The finny part was that they started to give their late player a hard time and claimed they only started losing when this player decided to show up late. Funny stuff!

Finally we had My Hammy Vice vs The Jedi Knights. The Knights were short players but made up for it with heart. They busted their butts but couldn't overcome being short handed. They lost by a score of 4-1.

I later learned that Bent Like Beckham has a website. Click here to check it out. They have recaps of their every game and this site details their many seasons with the CSSC. The best part is their game re-caps.

It's official, 12 year old's can now work in AB restaurants that do not serve alcohol. Due to staffing shortages we must now employ 12 year old's. The news report even quotes, "...and will not be allowed to work in strip clubs." Seriously, they had to make that clear. Can you imagine a 12 year old rolling into his grade 6 class and saying "man, last night was rough". Now I remember having a paper route when I was 12 but working at a restaurant? How is that different from child labor? It's just my opinion.

Finally, if you don't have plans this weekend make sure you check out the 10:32 show at the Loose Moose. It's a new style of improv and will feature some awesome improvisers. The format is raw and I would keep the kiddies away. Click here for more info.


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Anonymous said...

It is definitely much more fun to play a great team like that and not even care we wins in the end.
Tonight, my team played the worst dodgeball team in our riding, who happens to have 3 out of 21 spirit points. It was very unpleasant. The worst part was that we started stooping to their level in terms of attitude and honour because we almost didn't care about sportsmanship anymore. I still have a sour taste in my this case, it felt really really good to win.