Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Games Galore

My (Andrew) apologies for taking a couple of days to update the blog. The past couple of days have been crazy busy at the office. I've checked out a total of 8 games in 2 days. The games have been awesome as usual.

On Tuesday I checked out Indoor Soccer at Forest Lawn. The First game featured Canadian Bacon and Comic Relief. Both of these teams were pretty fun teams. There is a girl on Comic Relief who plays some tight D. The second game featured The Silver Spring Strikers vs. The Green Machine. The Silver Spring Strikers are a family and friends team. It's pretty cool to hear a player say "Hey Dad, good play!". Green Machine had a player who kicked a ball and made a three point shot. Sadly, it didn't count toward the final score.

Towards the end of the game they Green Machine got a penalty shot on the net. The gym was filled with excitement and the players didn't know what to do. In the end the Silver Spring Strikers took this one down.

The Third game featured The Grasshoppers vs. Just 4 Kicks. The team captains of the Grasshoppers, Jonathan has the greatest ninja stance while playing the net. He sprawls down like he is about to take down Mr Myagi. The rest of the players are awesome as well. They are constantly cheering and helping out players who fall. Just 4 Kicks pushed for a late comeback but fell short. A player on Just 4 Kicks warned the other team that a comeback was in order as soon as his dinner was digested. It didn't digest.

On Tuesday Night I checked out some Floor Hockey games at South Fish Creek. I really enjoy this gym because the facility as a whole is really nice. There is tons of parking and it is always clean. The downside is that it is so far south which isn't the best for a downtown dweller like myself. But, there are tons of players who love its location.

The first game featured Going for the Shirts vs. There is no crying in hockey. Going for the Shirts has been playing with us for years and they always play a clean game. There is no crying in hockey had a couple of really fast and strong players. In the end There is no crying in hockey took this one down. They are ranked 3rd and 4th in their division. This could be a potential playoff game.

The final game was amazing! The Struggling Slapshots took on Jet Blast. Both teams were really fun and played a clean game. I have probably seen 40-50 different hockey teams play and I truly believe that The Struggling Slapshots have one of the best female lines I have ever seen. The girls on this team score more than the guys do. Usually girls play defence but on this team the girls play everything. It is awesome to see teams that have female players play all positions. Great job ladies!
Also on the Struggling Slapshots in Wayne. He is a long time player in this league and he is a pretty solid guy. He's about 6'2 so watching him play net is pretty fun to watch. The best visual was when he dropped the splits and had to get himself back up. He was a trooper and saved his team with some pretty great saves.

Well our Curling Funspeil is on Saturday. Everyone from the office has a team and there is alot of trash talking going on. Stacey believes her team will take it down but my team of 8, yes count it 8 players will come together to win it. I've been working with Stacey on her costume and it should be pretty funny...and even a little dirty.

Every now and than I will check out Ebay for their auctions. Today I came across this awesome auction. It is of a guy who will do anything on camera for $2.99. Yes, for $2.99 you can get this guy to take a picture of himself in whacky posses, holding signs, or even dancing to Popozao by Kevin Federline. He will not do anything obscene, Stacey already checked.

That's all for today. Check back tomorrow for Stacey's dodgeball update.


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