Friday, March 9, 2007

Lines from a Rookie

Kerri here. Sigh... our little Nicole is growing up... she had her first GCing experience this week. Andrew made her drive alllll the way down to Jennie Elliott school (ok, so it's not that far, but you get the point) Here's what she had to say:

"Dodgeball players are weird. But it was a lot of fun. The Ball Pirates had players that would play leap frog or something. I didn't get the point of it, but it was funny to watch.

Durring the Gators vs the Juggling Ass Clowns, a ball burst open. A player walked up to me and asked me if I wanted it. Duh, no. What am I going to do with a broken ball? So he ripped it open and put it on his head and continued to play with it on... it was hot!
The last game (Sound n' Sane and the C-Cups) ended up being a mercy, but it was probably the best game of the night. What a difference just "playing for fun" makes!" ~Nicole

And now an update from Stacey's game from Monday (yeah, she's a little behind...)
"Well, it pays to have some smart guys on my team. Walking into this past weeks game, our team was fully aware that if we didn't win this game, we wouldn't have a chance to slide into 4th place. The game was very intense. We played like it was the last dodgeball game ever. A special shout-out goes to Dan, who when the chips were down, single-handedly brought our team back from near annihalation. Unfortunately with his beautiful catch he brough Ziggy back from the bench only for Ziggy to last a mere 20 seconds in the game. (He's not a bad player, it was just a case of bad luck... right...) Unfortunately as goopd as Dan is, he can hold up the team for so long, and with his out, it brought upon a slippery slope of losing. And, long story short, we lost our match and the hope of dodgeball glory.
For the last few weeks we have had an Aussie playing with us. The very dirst time she came to dodgeball, she thought there was something wrong with us. Why were we doing this? But near the end, she was sad to see us go. I think we converted an Aussie to dodgeball" ~Stacey

Speaking of Aussies and dodgeball, funny story:
We received an email from a guy in Australia who somehow got on our mailing list and recieved an email regarding a dodgeball tournament. He was quite pleasant in the email he sent ack, and was quite qurious about this game we call dodgeball. Aparently it's not quite the sport ofver there like it is here. After asking to be removed from the mailing list. Who knows, maybe we can start up an International Dodgeball League (IDL).. Yes, I do dream big...

Well, thats about it for me. Three minutes until I get to go home for the weekend.. well, not home, to bowling. Then all day tomorrow I'm playing in the curling funspiel. Look out guys, I'm there for the sirts!


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