Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Days You Gotta Dance

Well guys, it's been a couple week since I got my Keith Urban tickets and this is the first chance I have had to talk about them. A while ago, some of you might remember my little blurb about being sad for missing the Rascal Flatts concert, and what HUGE country fans Nicole and I are. So Country 105 did a pre-buy for Keith Urban tickets and I missed out! I was very unhappy. But little did I know, fate had other plans for me. I was sitting here at my desk, working ever so hard, when I decided to listen to Country 105 on the Internet. Just as the streaming started, a song was finishing and the announcers came back on:
"Keith Urban has just announced that he is doing a second show in Calgary. Pre-buy tickets will go on sale at 10:20."

I looked at the clock.... 10:19. If that's not luck, I don't know what is. So I typed as fast as my fingers would let me and managed to get 4 tickets to the concert! Whoop Whoop! The only down side is that now the rest of the office has to listen to me talk about it for the next 6 months... the concert isn't until September!

In sporting related news, Andrew decided to "volunteer" me to GC last night. I was a little hesitant, as basketball is not my strong sport. The games actually went really well. The first game of the night was the Hooligans (5th) vs the Night Hawks (8th). The Night Hawks took an early lead and it was really close at the half, but they just weren't able to hang on. The Hooligans ended up winning 56-48. Kudos to both team captains in this match, you have awesome teams.

The second game of the night brought Revolution (6th) and Slammin Harry's (7th) together. This was an awesome game to watch. Both teams played with a lot of respect for each other. It was wire to wire the whole game. These teams were so well matched that they went basket for basket for about the first 10 minutes. The game ended in a tie. We were running out of permit time, so I decided we were going to do a 2 minute OT. Both teams scored one basket.

Now we were REALLY running out of time. I had never seen a game so close!! I decided that we were going to a shoot out. Each team chose 5 members to shoot. We alternated boys and girls. The first two players missed the shots for both teams. Slammin Harry's took the lead with their third player hitting the basket....but this was not the game. Revolution hit their 4th basket. Tied still. We went to the 6th shooter. Slammin Harry's shot first... a miss. A girl from Revolution stepped to the line. She bounced the ball a couple times, looked up to the net, shot it.....

...AND IT WAS IN! Revolution took the win. It was ll very dramatic. Both teams were awesome and played so hard. Congrats teams, and good luck in the final round of playoffs.

One more note on the subject of basketball...

Who would not LOVE to have one of these things in their back yard?! I know that if I had a backyard, I would have one!

Peace out--


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