Friday, March 2, 2007

Hungry Like The Wolf

Well the weekend has arrived and I (Andrew) hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. The other night I was Jennie Elliot working some Dodgeball games. The first game featured the Sleeman Cream Team taking on The Short Bus Squad. Both teams were awesome! The Sleeman Cream Team was down some players but they hung in there. The Short Bus Squad dug out the win. As they celebrated one of the male players proceeded to grab a male teammate and hump him from behind. The odd part was that the rest of the team acted like it was normal from this player. That's true team spirit.

The second game featured the Flying Buttresses vs The Happy Clampers. I've seen the Flying Buttresses play in the past and they have gotten really good as a team. This was a fun game and the Happy Clampers took it down. When I GC I like to switch it up at the end. I usually have a couple games of all in dodgeball but the girls switch sides. It's fun for all of the teams.

During the game a player on the Flying Buttresses yelled "hey this GC is on the ball". A teammate then shushed the player and said "it's GC dude". I'm glad to hear that some players use the term GC instead of Ref.

So I (Andrew) was reading some news articles today and came across some funny ones. The first one involves a man trying to cash a $50,000 check from god. The second one involves a man who was arrested by the cops for robbing a bank. When he attempted to show money he had stolen he found out he had been robbed. Hmm, the world works in funny ways.

Also, the guy from the Sopranos has quit Dancing with the Stars but he has been replaced with Cliff from Cheers. This so is kind of fun to watch but bringing Cliff from Cheers is digging the bottom of the barrel. Next thing you know they are going to bring in the guy that played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters. Or better yet the kid who played Stephanie's Tanners friend Harry on Full House. Ca mon, you remember Harry, right?

If you don't have plans for the weekend you should check out Friday Night Late. This is a show at the Loose Moose Theatre and is put on by Rob Mitchelson and AJ Demers. It is a variety talk show which is really funny and insightful. Here is a description of tonight's show:

  • "It's like Steve Allen meets the Daily show in your Pants"
  • Another Friday Night Late!!! March 2nd at 10:30 p.m @ the Loose Moose Theatre at the Crossroads Market. This Months guests - Local celebrity and Food guru John Gilchrist, from his show This Is Cancer! at the Enbridge Playrites Festival, creator and performer, Bruce Horak and singer / songwriter, the gorgeous, Amy Thiessen. Plus The Ricky Ambrose Orchestra, What's in the Window, Dasani Psychic and More
  • Come on out because every Friday is a good Friday when it is Friday Night Late.
Finally, yesterday I picked up the new American Idol Karaoke Revolution game. This game is like Dance Dance Revolution but with singing. My roommate hates this game because I am a horrible singer. But the game is so much fun. When in this version the judges get to rip into you. I had just finished an awesome rendition of Hungry Like the Wolf when Simon proceeded to break my self esteem. I was sad but it fueled me to try again and stick it him. Sadly, I could not stick it you him. But I'll keep trying this weekend.


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