Thursday, March 29, 2007

Season Ending Party

Hey everyone,

The season is coming to a close and the season ending party is on Wednesday April 4 at Bugaboo Creek. The theme is "spring fun" so make sure to put on your Bermuda shorts and t-shirts. I (Andrew) and our GC Matt will be hosting the event. I got Stacey to give us full creative control of the content so you should expect some pretty funny stuff.

Everyone knows by now that we are American Idol fans. Sanjaya is a contestant who is clearly not as good as the others but remains in the competition. There is even a girl who is starving herself until he is voted off. I posted a link a few days back. Well, she is now 11 days into her fast and will have to go another 6 days. Seriously here, do people not have better things to do than starve themselves over a TV show? Why not do something that benefits others such as shaving your head and raising money for cancer? Just my thoughts.

The top 3 nominees for the Lady Bing Award have been announced. The top 3 nominees are: I Like Sets, Team Discovery Channel, and Bent Like Beckham. Congratulations to all three teams for playing with respect for their opponents. All teams in the CSSC should play like them. The winning team will be announced at the Season Ending Party.

I will discuss some highlights to the season in tomorrows blog post.



Mirra said...

Interesting to know.

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