Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Police

Well, I (Stacey) had mentioned in yesterdays blog that I was so pumped because I was going to the Van Morrision Concert. I was right on 1 thing for sure.......... I was clearly the youngest person in my section at the tender age of 28! I was having a hard time deciding on going to this show, being that tickets were over $130.00 each. Unexpectedly I was disappointed when the lights came on at the Dome. The weirdest thing was how quiet the actual performance was, I wasn't expecting Mega Death volume but when I can whisper and the person next to me could hear everything I said that was odd. Van just recently came out with a new CD of all his hits that were on movie soundtracks! I thought we would be treated to those favorites of mine, no!!!!! The show only lasted a total of 75 minutes, at the very least give me value for my dollar.
The reporter from the Calgary Herald wrote: "thankfully, the 61-year-old Irishman put on a show that would only disappoint those fans who had never listened beyond the singer's radio hits." The thing I most disappointed with is, the person that went with me (Dan, my "man friend") HATES Van Morrison. I was hoping he would really enjoy the show and share my appreciation (aka- let me play the CD's anytime) he now dislikes him more.

Speaking of expensive concert tickets.......Andrew and I (Stacey) were talking about going to The Police concert. This morning Best Buy had sent Andrew a presell link for the tickets. Long story short Andrew got 17th row center on the floor for the show. The tickets came to the low low price of $482.00 (for 2) . I remember the good ol' days when that price would get you some sweet front row floor seats from a scalper. I wonder what kind of price we will see in 20 years. Only time will tell.

Still on the subject of Police (not the Sting kind!) Andrew came across this news story on the net today at lunch............"BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A middle school principal was charged with dealing crystal methamphetamine after police found the drug in his school office.
John Acerra, 50, of Allentown, was arrested Tuesday in his office at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem, where police said they found meth on his desk.
Police said they began investigating Acerra in early February after an informant told them that the principal was using and distributing the drug, The Morning Call newspaper reported Wednesday. Acerra was arrested in his office after allegedly selling drugs to the informant, authorities said.
There was no indication that Acerra sold the drug to students, but Acerra did allegedly sell the drug from his school office after hours and on weekends, said Dennis Mihalopoulos, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.".........
Remember the simpler times when only the kid dealing drugs at school was that 30 year old dude still in grade 12, with 4 kids! It's sad when his competition is the principal.

I've got to get back to the grind!

Stacey Out


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