Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Survived............barely......

Forget the Oscar's......and the WINNER IS, Matt from the Original Shockers, he was able to channel Zoolander the best!

Well Kerri and I (Stacey) barely survived "Hell Week" but all is well Andrew is back and Nicole is learning the ropes. Things are finally getting back to normal.......What ever normal is around the CSSC!

Here is our run down on the busy weekend: Friday we were the 1/2 time entertainment at the Calgary Roughnecks game. Special Thanks to: The Elves, The Thirsty Beavers, Elves 2.0, and team World Health Club. This night wouldn't have been possible without all the GC's, Referee's and Special Events Staff so Thank You! It was a very cool evening, we had 2 Dodge Ball games going on simultaneously on the field during the 1/2 time show. The crowd (which exceeded 13, 500 People) got really into it cheering and hooting. It was a definite rush! I hope it is something the CSSC will be able to do again.

And now we dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge our way to Saturday. This past Saturday was the last Dodge ball tournament in Calgary until the Fall! A great time was had by all. Some teams tried to whip out some stealth ninja maneuvers! Our GC's were on the case to "crack down" on repeat offenders. Good job to Scott, Gary, Jana, Kristen, Murray, Kerri and Jeff......Special Thanks to them for all their hard work.

We rocked it out old school style at The Cat n' Fiddle, it was a great party ton's of players showed up. A few pint of Sleeman were drank and we gave away great prizes. Congratulations to: The Elves, Uniballer, and Ballstein who took the gold (in the form of t-shirts....brown t-shirts) We tried out some new MC's at this Tourney and they did a great job....thumbs up for Gavin and Emma Claire. We tried out some new (very funny) games at this after party photos should be posted by Friday be sure to check them out.

I know it has been mentioned in our blog many times that we all have very different music tastes around the office. Today has been Van Morrison power hour(s). I (Stacey) love Van Morrision! I was under the impression that he was dead (a common notion) ..............to my surprise he is in Calgary Tonight. For the low low price of $135.00 (plus fees) I'm going and I am so excited. I am also suspecting that I will be the youngest person in the crowd (by a bit)! All and all I think it will be a great show........I'll let you know.

My Question what would you shell out for a good concert?

Stacey and Kerri out!

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