Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We Felt Like Kings

Stacey's re-cap of her dodgeball game from last night:

In a modern day clash of the titans, Moisten Needle Before Insertion were the underdogs in what feels like an expert sport. Last night our team celebrated a small victory. Firstly, we played an awesome team named Snoop Dodgey Dodge. They exemplified the CSSC spirit and were tons of fun to play with.

Secondly, I (Stacey) caught my first ball to which I danced and yelled around the gym. The best part of game last night was when the game entered the final 5 minutes. It was tied and our GC Sean (who was awesome) declared that this would be the last game. One by one our troops rallied. It came down to one player on our team and one on theirs. The final 2 gladiators were Victor from Snoop Dodgey Dodge and Dr Ziggy Funk from Moisten Before Insertion. This is where the penultimate of the game occurred. There is a vicious stare down and a cheering from the sides. We were only 2 minutes away from victory. Both players threw in unison but Ziggy caught the other players throw.

A frenzy erupted from the bench. One would have thought that we just won the Superbowl but in reality it was a dodgeball game in the NE at OS Gieger. But, we felt like kings!

When I (Andrew) arrived into the office today Stacey couldn't stop talking about her game. She usually complains about her games and the GC. But then I ask "so, did you win last night". She replied yes. Isn't it funny how players are less critical of their games when their team wins?


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