Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Square in the Face

Stacey's Recap from her Dodgeball game last night:

With the tumultuous storm brewing last night, this is the story of one little team’s quest for the shirts. It was a dark, cold and dreary night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Despite the raging blizzard, our team made it out to the facility for our game against Hell Satan’s. Once we got into the gym, the other team only had 3 players. We were worried because we wanted to play.

When the GC arrived we saw that the balls had been left in the cold making them extra hard. We got a call from the other team saying that they would be there shortly. It was on…like Donkey Kong. There was one guy on the opposing team that was a little trooper. I am sure he got hit in the face 5 times because he dived for the balls. He should consider getting Lil Jon to be his sponsor as he is always getting low.

It was a fairly good game, great sportsmanship and awesome plays. But in the end we kicked it old school and took it down. It was our second victory but it didn't matter as we had so much fun. Afterwards we headed down to the Seanachie for great deals. We had a sponsor bar cards and got hooked up.

Andrew's Update:

Good job to all the teams who made it out for last nights games. There were some teams who had a tough time but everyone was able to get their games in.

Jana, our GC at Louis Riel had this to say in regards to one of her games:

Rec A Dodgeball: The Elves vs. Dodge My Balls….Game 2 came down to Chad of DMB vs. Chris “Ben Stiller” of The Elves. Chris throws really hard, and always has this crazy look on his face. He winds up, throw, Chad gets it square in the face, catches it, does a full backwards somersault and wins the game. It was awesome!

It seems like everyone is getting involved in this blog and I encourage players, GC's and EC's to send in stories, updates and even photos. We'll do our best to put them up on the blog. Featured today are pictures from this weekends tournament party.

Well the Police are going on tour and I think lots of people are pretty pumped up. Stacey and I were trying to pre-buy some tickets today. We hit a wall and our pre-sale code was rejected. We were trying to buy tickets for the Vancouver show so hopefully our luck changes when buying tickets for the Edmonton show.

It was announced today that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller have agreed to star in "Hardy Men". It is about the Hardy Boys who are now men and must solve one last mystery. For some reason this news is creepy, funny and than creepy again. I just don't know why. Click here to read.

On a final note, I have been obsessed with my Nintendo Wii as of late. I've been able to download some old games from my youth which include Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario Brothers 1. I've been trying to finish Mario Bros but have been failing. I remember this bugged me as a kid but as an adult it eats away at my sanity. I am trying one more time tonight and hopefully I can seal the deal. If not, I am locking this game away.


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