Wednesday, February 7, 2007

GC Game Reports

Each morning I (Andrew) come into the office and I usually spend about 20 minutes looking over game reports from the previous evenings games. Most of them are pretty straight forward and the teams had a good game. Some reports are more detailed due to sportsmanship concerns. But, here are some that are funny, unique or I don't truly know what they mean:

  • ...he looks like Ben Stiller with side burns. (GC talking about the Elves)
  • If there were +2's to give out, this would be the game and the teams to give it to. (GC talking about The Wrench Dodgers and Dodge My Balls)
  • Mostly asian team, very spirited and hyper full of energy at 10pm. (GC talking about Target Practice)
  • This team was really cute. They have some small players who are quick and agile. (GC talking about FFK's)
I will make it a daily habit to post some comments from the previous nights games. I hope this doesn't encourage GC's to write comments to mess with me.

So remember when the key to your Toyota or Honda would open the door and even start the engine of another persons Toyota or Honda. I remember in High School when two of my buddies had a Honda Civic with interchangeable keys. Well have a read at this news story.

The other day I watched this clip on YouTube which was discussing the many possible uses of the new iPhone. Check out this clip. I could hardly wait to get an iPhone after watching this clip. Speaking of getting an iPhone, industry analyst predict the iPhone won't even hit Canada until the end of 2007. (Hmmm, I don't think it's comments like those that will help me get the ladies)

Remember how Yoko Ono's music was like Mcdonalds Pizza, not really good. Well I was expecting to read a brutal review of her new album but was surprised then it recieved a 7.4/10 rating. Click here to read. I'm still in shock at the fact that I read a review on a Yoko Ono album and that it was a good review. I'm not going to get the album but Stacey in the office might.

Well Wednesday nights are the busiest nights at the CSSC. We play almost every sport on Wednesday. Tonight, I will be checking out Jennie Elliot for some Dodgeball and St Gregory for some Basketball.


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