Monday, February 26, 2007

Back from Vacation

Well I (Andrew) have arrived back home from vacation. My trip to the Big Apple was pretty fun. I checked out a couple of shows, did some shopping and even scored from court side seats to a New Jersey Nets game from an old friend working for the team. It is my favorite place in the whole world and when I arrived back home I was welcomed with a desk full of messages and emails. I even recieved an email from a GC who will remain anonymous regarding her(or his) dream of arriving to a gym only to find it occupied with fish tanks.

Yesterday I checked out a couple games at the HCA. The first game featured the Hockey Hooligans and Monks on the Mount. Both teams played a great game and everyone showed great sportsmanship. The Hockey Hooligans hung in the game but the Monks on the Mount pulled away towards the end of the game. The goalie for the Hockey Hooligans showed true hockey spirit and was really involved in the game.

The second game featured The Unit vs Floorplay. Floorplay deserves an award for the amount of players on their team with awesome beards. These guys take beards to a whole new level. The Unit was showing off their Camo jerseys. I almost wanted to make the "Hey, where is your shirt joke" but realized this joke was lame.

It was a really tight game but the Unit took this one down. Sean "Balla" Herman scored a pretty sweet goal towards the middle of the game. Sean is also a GC and we've nicknamed him "balla" because of his outfit when he plays basketball.

Later on in the evening I checked out some games at the NSD. When I arrived I recognized a girl from the earlier games. It amazes me to know that Sunday Floor Hockey players often play on more than one team.

The NSD league is really fun as the rink is awesome. It is a top notch facility that has a bar on the second level. The other rink we play on at the NSD is the Turf Soccer rink. Everyone on the turf is loving it. We've even decided to offer NSD Hockey during the week.

Spring Registration is up and running. Check out our offerings for this Spring. Some leagues are filling up quickly. I was also surprised to have so many emails regarding out Improv Classes. The Improv Classes is a pet project of mine and I thought it would be something our members would be into. I've been acting at the Loose Moose since I was 16 and it's helped me as much as my degree. We were unable to get the registration up in time and I left it until I returned from vacation. I didn't think to many players would register for the classes that early. Well to my surprise we received 8 emails and 6 phone calls regarding the classes last week.

The information for the classes will be posted this week. I hope we can accommodate everyone interested. For those who don't know we are offering improv classes this spring. It is for adults who want to try something new. Participants will be introduced to improv in a fun environment. At the end of 9 weeks we will have a show for family, friends and club members.

A funny article I came across today was titled "Bend it like Jesus". It is actually an article about the Clericus Cup a tournament with teams made up of Priests. It is good to see everyone getting involved in sport.

The Oscars were yesterday and there was a huge upset. I have been fuming about this all day and I think many of you agree. Rocky Balboa walked away with 0 Oscars. This movie was the best film of the year and a comeback for Stallone. I think film lovers are sad that this movie was not recognized:)

The pics in this blog are from this weekends festivities from the Roughnecks Lacrosse Game and our Dodgeball Tournament. Kerri and Stacey will have a complete lowdown from this weekends fun in tomorrow's blog.


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