Friday, February 16, 2007

It's sunny outside but it's raining in here!

Normally Friday's are fun and jovial around the office! However, today our hearts are heavy... Today is our first day without Andrew "Phung Out" Phung. We're lost! Meanwhile he is living the good life in New York. I hope he enjoys the cold weather and lots of snow. Were going to miss him but it is only one short week.

Neither Kerri or I (Stacey) visited any gyms last night (Survior Fiji was on-and we wouldn't miss that for the world!). We do have a couple of Soccer game reports submitted by Derek who was at HCA. Congrats going out to Warm Milk and The Toe Jammers who squeeked out wins last night.

So is anyone else watching Survivor? No one admits to it, but we know there are loyal fans out there... What is the deal with that BOO guy? (And what kind of name is "Boo"?! Ahh, we're soo scared!) First he pokes himself in the eye with a stick or his finger or something, we're not quite sure. Then as he is chopping wood, the axe gets away from him and cut through his finger and grazes his knee; (nothing too serious, but he milked it for all it was worth) The icing on the cake was when he was "recovering" from the accidents and the hammock falls from the tree. Too funny... If I was his team mate I would be "cutting him from the team asap." Despite being in bad shape, Boo's tribe pulled out the win at the immunity challange and Erica was sent packing for her freak-out episode at the challenge. I feel bad for her, because she was the one to find the first food the tribe had eaten in 5 days. It's a dirty, dirty game.

There are no games this weekend due to the Family Day long weekend, so it would make the perfect opportunity to check out the Chinese New Year celebrations:

Chinese New Year Carnival-
Chinese Cultural Centre - 197 1 St SW Calgary, AB

Featured Events:
-A Chinese New Year Fair with more than 60 booths which sell all sorts of goods and festival items
- Performance of the Dragon & Lion Dance
- Demonstration of Martial Arts
- Variety Show on Chinese Traditional Folk Dances, Singings, Chinese Musical Instruments Playing and others
- Traditional festival activities such as Fortune Telling, Face & Palm Reading, Face Painting, God of Wealth handing out red pockets, etc.
- Chinese Folk Arts such as Demonstration on Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Paper Cutting, Dough Figurine Sculpture Making, Seal Engraving etc.
- Photo Booth to let the public to dress in Cantonese Opera and traditional Costumes and take photos.

Well, that's it for Kerri and I (Stacey). Hope you all have a fun and safe long weekend.

~Stacks and Ker-Bear Out

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