Monday, February 12, 2007

The Monday After

Well the weekend has come to an end and Monday/Tuesday is here. The CSSC had itself a great weekend. On Saturday we had our first indoor Volleyball Tournament of the season. Over 30 teams played it out on the hard court with 3 schools and 5 divisions. Everyone had an awesome time and met up at the new Ceili's after their games.

Players came down just in time to watch the Flames game. As most of you know the Flames fought their way into the Shootout where new NHL regulations state that the Flames must lose due to weak shoot-out plays. Stacey from the office was pumped as she will take any chance to lay into the Flames (The Oilers are her team). Stacey even found the comfort of some Edmontonians at the tournament. Stacey was reunited with Huan whom she went to Jr High with.

The new Ceili's was a great venue as the basement was sectioned off for our players. Over 50 players made it down and were ready for a good time. There is a private party room in the basement of Ceili's and this room was celebrating a bachlorette party. Obviously this party included some male entertainment. Some of the female Volleyball players wanted to see who was going to be the entertainment. Suddenly the kitchen door opens up and a chef dressed in a tight white shirt struts his way through the bar area into the private room. I (Andrew) can't comment but one of the ladies was heard saying "Hey, who invited Balki from Perfect Strangers"?

Matt our resident MC was holding down the program with Sonya and Dave helping out. As always we had games and gave out tons of prizes. Volleyball players have a reputation as people who leave parties early. Well this group went against that and stayed pretty late. There were still players hanging around at 11:30pm.

I think that the Dodgeball players have some work to do to out party the Volleyball players. Speaking of which, the Dodgeball tournament is filling up quickly so get your teams registered ASAP.

On Sunday, I (Andrew) headed over to HCA to watch some Floor Hockey. When I arrived I was greeted with the Underdogs and The Underdogs were sporting some bright yellow shirts. This game was classic Floor Hockey. Both teams gave it their all but the girls on Trainwreck were killing it. These girls looked harmless but they had deadly shots that hurt the Underdogs. When it was all said and done, Trainwrecks ladies took it down for the team. Even with a chippy first half both teams shook hands.

The second game on the schedule featured the CHRuisers taking on Hat Tricks. CHRuisetes into the game the team captain, Glen, came off of his shift and grabbedrs only had 5 players but the two girls on their team came ready to play. After about 5 minute into the game, the team captain grabbed a towel to wipe his face. He than told me that the Superbowl Sunday bye did not treat him well.

The CHRuisers lost their legs early into the game. Hat Tricks took advantage of this and scored some quick goals. With about 2 minutes left in the first a female on CHRuisers took a shot to the face. She took a break and went to the washroom. Down the player CHRuisers finished off the half. As the second half started the female player came back on the court and had a huge smile and look of determination. She was there to play.

CHRuisers pushed hard and lots of fun. Hat Tricks were a great team and both teams showed great sportsmanship. There were 2 or 3 incidences where players stopped the play because they thought someone got hurt. Hat Tricks were up by 5 goals but the CHRuisers went on a 6-0 run to take the lead. They eventually won the game but both teams had fun and that is what matters.

It's going to be another slippery and cold night. Make sure you drive safe when making it out to your games.


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scotty2hotty said...

Matt looks like he had a little bit of "happy juice" before that photo...Keep those eyes open Matt.