Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dodge, Duck, Dip Dive and... Dodge?

GOOD MORNING! And happy Thursday to all CSSC players! Today is a good day in the CSSC office. We made it through the frist day of registrations and everyone survived to talk about it. But maybe I shouldn't be too quick to speak about that as I am currently the only one in the office....

So has any one ever wondered if there is indeed a 5th "D"? (Dodge, duck, dip, dive and...) Or do we always have to repeat dodge? I think someone should get their thesaurus out and find us a REAL 5th "d". The best submission in the "Comments" secion of the blog today will win 3 tickets to this Friday's Roughneck's game featuring World Health Club and the CSSC during half time! Check out their website!

Last night I (Kerri) had an awesome time GCing dodgeball at Westgate school. I must apologize to the 6:30 teams, however, as I was a tad late. But the teams were really cool about it, and we had to wait a little anyways, as some other players were stuck in traffic. The first game featured No Name, No Game, No Shame vs. Hit and Run from the Really Rec division. Although wins and losses don't count in Really Rec, Hit and Run took the most games, but both teams walked away with full spirit points. Good job teams!

The second game of the night pitted The Elves 2.0 against Freshly Squeezed. Things didn't go too well for Freshly Squeezed, and we ended up playing for fun after they got mercied. Better luck next time guys!

The third game was the funnest of the night. It featured Money Shot against Heads Up. Each team showed up with a boat load of players, and everyone was very vocal. Added to that, these teams were so evenly matched that I had to call most games on the 5 minute rule. However I did also experience the quickest game in dodgeball history. I literally went to take a drink off the stage, and when I turned around, the game was over. These teams were a tonne of fun, and showed what CSSC Spirit is all about. Christian and Yun from Money Shot showed up in short shorts and knee high socks. Christian topped it off with a flashy white headband. This brought on a unique version of "Who wears Short-shorts?" by Heads Up. Judy from Money shot was catchin balls like there was no tomorrow, no matter who threw them; and the guys from Heads Up were throwing pretty hard! Good job Judy! And finally, I have to give the award of Best Dodger to Matt from Heads Up. I have never seen someone move and bend like that. It was like watching the Matrix. Thanks for making the game interesting teams! Keep up the good work. Oh, and Heads Up did eventually take home the win....

And last but not least, we finished the night with the Juice Boxes and the 5th D. It was like polar opposites with the previous game. Each team only had 6 players. But it was a different kind of fun. The 5th D took the win decisively. Then both teams played for fun.

On a side note, Nicole and I are the country music buffs in the office. We get made fun of for it constantly, however, I will still say that I am super bummed out that I was not able to get tickets to tonights Rascal Flatts concert. Should be a good one for all those lucky people out there who get to go!

~Ker-bear- OUT!

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# 2 GC said...

I heard a really good "D" last night, "deflect". Or "drop" or maybe "don't drop", but then it's 6 "D"s.