Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally Some Sun

So we have finally been blessed with some sunlight to melt the layer of ice on the roads. Now we only have to worry about the wet roads and flood potential. I would choose wet roads over ice any day of the week.

Last night I (Andrew) checked out a couple of Floor Hockey games at the HCA. The first game had Go Nad Go vs. The Blueliners. This was a really great game as both teams displayed great sportsmanship. Larissa on the Blueliners tried to stand out from her team with a Red shirt while her team wore White. They soon put her in her place and she had a white shirt on. The funny thing is that as soon as she put on the white shirt she scored an amazing goal.

Matt who is the goalie for the Blueliners was definitely the first star of the game. He was a rock in the crease and never buckled under the pressure. I later learned that his last name is Fox. I think the team needs to come up with a nickname for him.

The second game of the night featured The Free Radicals vs. The Slashers. The Free Radicals are a team of friends who went to University together and took Physics. They all looked young so I asked about their goalie who looked a little bit older. The team captain replied "He was a our prof". That is awesome! Their professor is the goalie. When I was in University I would have loved to have a professor like that. I had professors who threw a chairs or had some sort of B.O.

The Free Radicals took an early lead. The Slashers were down a couple of goals by the half but they were determined. They took the lead late into the game and never looked back. The Free Radicals made it a game with about a minute left but the goalie on the Slashers (Kent) tightened up and kept their teams lead.

Valentines Day is a special day for those in loving relationships. Don Reiter is one of our hockey GC's and a real stand up guy. He called me 2 weeks ago and asked if I could cover a couple hours of his hockey shift. He wanted it covered so he could take his lady friend out to Chuck E Cheese. She had made a comment about going there a while back so he planned a night out for them. Alex loved the evening and was smiles when they got back. What a stand up guy.....he makes guys like me look bad but he's a good guy.

Here is a note from Kristen our Dodgeball GC at Jennie Elliot:

Neverland Ranch Carnies and Nice Snatch played tonight and they were both 3-0....dun dun dun....someone has to lose.

In the end the Carnies dug out the win. Nice Snatch is a really good team and I don't think it is the last times these teams will meet. Nice Snatch also has some awesome t-shirts.

Now I am a huge American Idol fan and I know I am not the only one indulging on this guilty pleasure. Stacey and I have a bet going on regarding who will win Idol this year. I have my money in Chris Sligh who's like a mix of Jack Osbourne, Justin Guiarini, and Meatloaf. Stacey believes it will be this guy named Rudy who is like Justin Timerlake meets JC Chasez with a pinch of Joey Macyntyre mixed in with Joey Fatone and Jordan Knight. I think my guy will win but who do you think? Post some comments for a chance to win Roughnecks tickets.

Well I (Andrew) am leaving for vacation so Kerri and Stacey will be taking over for the week.


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