Thursday, February 1, 2007

Say What? A Blog?

Well it's finally here, the Calgary Sport and Social Club blog. Each day (or something close to that) the blog will be updated with pictures, videos, quotes and stories from the previous nights games. Also, we will be giving you the inside scoop to whats happening around the club. You will be the first to know about parties, tournaments and special deals!

Who's behind all of this hoopla? Well, its none other than Andrew Phung and Stacey Keller. Who are they you ask? Well they are the Managers of the Club. Andrew deals will the sports leagues while Stacey is in charge of special events and marketing.

Last night I (Andrew) visited Jennie Elliot school to watch some Dodgeball action! The first game on the schedule had The Bluenosers taking on the Sleeman Cream Team. Now Sleemans is known for their fine beer but last night they unveiled some fine uniforms. Each player was dressed in Sleemans gear from head to toe. The game itself was a tight one with the Bluenosers taking it down.

Next up was Moneyshot vs The Flying Buttresses. Moneyshot isn't new to the league and before the game they told me that the key to their season would be their new uniforms. Each player had a matching shirt with their nickname on the back of it. But the best part was the male players were wearing extra short shorts! This isn't the best visual but it definitely helped their play. The Flying Buttresses held in their but the veteran players on Moneyshot showed why they wear short shorts. It was a fun game with all the players having a great time.

The final two games featured the Sanjel-Jans, Heads Up, The Masterbaiters (We're Fisherman) and the 5th D. All of them were awesome games. When meeting the Masterbaiters I didn't believe that they were fisherman. The 5th D however brought their "A" game and pulled out the win in a close game.

Keep up the great play and we'll see you on the courts!



Dodge Bawla said...

Hi there,

Last Wednesday we played at Catherine Nichols Gunn school. We were worried about our participation for the game, as we feared many of our teammates would no show. Fortunately, we had enough participants and we ended up having a blast with out opponents. It always suprises me, how good the Really Rec dodgeball league teams really are!

That's all I got and to the gc at Nichols Gunn school on Wednesday February 7, 2007: you're a hottie!

Take care all of yall.

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Elliott Broidy said...

Looks like a bunch of fun!